Thursday, February 16, 2012

Calling all Simmer! Where is this naughty hair from? *Solved!!!!* UPDATED!

Freaky hair must go!!!! Help! 0_0

Not sure which, but delete both to be safe.


  1. Ugh for some reason I had two versions for that hair. The 2nd one is it I believe, but I'll keep both up to be safe. >_<

  2. glad you found it ^_^

  3. Found it!!!! I get slightly ocd when I see bad cc. Was driving me nuts! Going check out all the toddler stuff and kids stuff to be sure I'm bad cc free now. It was very annoying. Couldn't help staring at it.

  4. i get those floating hairdos every now and then, annoying, arent they? im not sure where that one is from, but ill keep an eye out


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