Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Yay The Walking Dead is back!!!!

Last post for the night.
Rick grew a pair and got just a little bit cooler! :D
*This post will contain spoilers*

Ahhhhhhh! It's back!!!! I caught the extremely late rerun of it after the Grammys! A lot of good shows were on that night. I really wish Walking Dead wouldn't take so many breaks and such long ones at that.

Anyway, the show started off kinda slow. It also had some moments where I rolled my eyes a few times and wished a zombie would appear instead. For one thing why would Hershel run off to a bar in the middle of zombie apolocapsy to drink? Why not lock himself in the bedroom to drink? Yes, he had no alcohol in the house, but who sits in a empty bar with zombies lurking about? Also why are they spending so much time drinking in the bar?  Next, why the hell did idiot Laurie drive off to find them only to hit a zombie and crash? Like FFS woman, they can handle themselves without you and who the hell reads a map while driving?! I swears it seems like she became even more stupid after getting pregnant!

I am excited to see that the show is now showing the change in other humans during this time though. Also nice seeing Rick shoot off his gun for once.

I do wonder if Rick and Shane friendship will change more overtime. Looks like it's some tension there already. They both wanted to be the leader and you can tell it's going every man for themselves now with this episode. Then the drama with the baby! Stupid Laurie will probably lose it as I said. The car crash will probably be the cause. I can't see her having a baby with zombies around. Can't see her getting killed just yet either. She has to stay around to cause drama and be stupid for a couple more episodes. Again, I hope the baby is Shane's. Bwhahaha!

Now I'm looking forward to the big shoot out for the next episode and more of Shane craziness. I love him. lawl :P I do hope they get off the farm at some point though. I have no clue who the chick was that fainted, but they need to keep it moving. Less farm and move traveling please!

P.S. Oh and Bravo on Rick killing those guys. They definitely seem like trouble. I was really shock when he shot them. Was like oh s***! Damn! If he keeps this up, I may starting liking him also. So tough and the look on his face...*fans self* ;)


  1. I soooo love that show...

  2. I know!! Lori is so self righteous that I get annoyed everytime she speaks! Maybe that zombie will get through the car window and bite her. Prob not but I can hope!! I really thought Andrea was going to kill one of my favorite characters! Daryl is so funny but the ears are gross that he collected! I love Rick though he has always been solid and I really hope we see Morgan and Duane again.

  3. Yay another fan! :D I'm hoping they start traveling again also. I think something will happen to the farm. I'm guessing either a fire or other people will ruined it for them. It does need to pick up a bit more with some more action.

    As for Lori and Andrea, I find them to be annoying also. I wanted to slap Andrea when she shot Daryl. Lori though to me is even more annoying. I wouldn't mind if she got killed, but then that would make Rick sad so probably not.

  4. I love love Walking Dead!!! I do wish it would pick up a little bit though.  I really want them to leave the farm and move on so we can see some new characters. Do Lori and Andrea need to be so annoying every episode?

  5. I was! I screaming eat her at my tv yesterday. I might make another blog post about the newest episode as soon as blogger stops acting up for me. :P

  6. Tell me were you rooting for the windshield zombie this week too lol!

  7. Yay! Another fan and hey Lady V. ;)

  8. I like Shane, Daryl, and Rick. Haha, its weird how Daryl keeps collecting ears. I use to not like him till this season. Lori has always been annoying though. She'll stay alive I'm sure. I totally forgot about Morgan and Duane. I hope we see them again too. :)


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