Thursday, February 23, 2012

*Clears thoat* This comp looks amazing doesn't it?

I don't know the person hosting it, but do join. ROFL ;P


  1. Aw Seren you should of posted on the thread. You could been my 13th model. I would loooooved to have you as a contestant. Maybe i can tempt you to do the next cycle? ;)

    But I would really love to have you judge also! Would you mind judging? Be epic if you judged.

    Haha you know I just started this the other day and its filled up already. Still in shock. O_o

  2.  Hiya Vid !  I may be tempted to join the second cycle, this comp looks fantastic.  I'd also be happy to guest judge if you need one.

    I love your first assignment.  Who doesn't adore cute and twisted things?

  3. Aw thank Seren. I hope it turns out ok. I'm nervous. Wasn't expecting it to be this popular. I would love to have you as a guest judge.
    Also a spot just opened up, but that probably won't last long. >_<

  4. Oh my gosh ! This DOES look amazing.  I am almost sold.   It's been so long since I've done a comp..and I am on sick leave FOREVER, so I have the time. 

    Only, I would not even know where to start using pose player and the comp scene has changed so much in this time.  I'm retired for good I think, cause I can't keep up with everyone using pose player.

    Also, I am very proud to say that I've managed to cull my CC down from 2000 + files to 400 this week and am remiss to add CC again. 

    But dang it, it's sooo tempting !


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