Sunday, February 5, 2012

Biting my tongue for the sake of being nice...

For about a week or two, I've been seeing some stuff that been a big turn off for me when it comes to the simming community. I have started playing my game again just to take a break from it all and I've been getting a life recently. Well I come back this weekend to really lurk and I'm more irritable than when I left. To the point, I have hold in crap! Now I'm going try very hard to be nice, but I'm going to be blunt and give you the general version. Foul language is included, but not too bad.

I'm tired of seeing people go into a panic over something that's been going on for a year. I'm tired of people talking about it. I'm tired of people making it worse! Does anybody know how to keep their mouth shut in this community? Do you see me bringing crap like that over to this blog? No, you don't and quite frankly I think a lot of people have fed it all it needs to stay. If I conduct any business involving trolls harassing me in general, you will never hear peep out of me. Remember when someone was harassing me on my chat box and I had to shut it down? Did I make a big stink about it? No, I didn't. For the most part I stayed quiet while the chat box was down and I didn't make thousands of post about it. Mares may have helped me a little, but I handle it myself like an adult!

So can people please stop acting like the world is ending and stop feeding into it. Stop telling it what you're going to do. Stop with the threats and conduct business like a adult in private. It's getting to a point it's sickening. Then you wonder why the situation is still around! Some people are a lot of help, but sometimes those same people really need to stfu and take a look what they're doing!

As for anything else I can say in a way that won't call people out, I wish some people would play their games instead. Like instead of finding stuff to drama llama about, go play your f'ing game. Go play something! Some people really need to get lives! I thought I was bad, but some people really have no lives at all!

Now I hope I wasn't extremely rude with all that I just typed. I kept it general, so please don't come over bitching to me about it. Not in the mood. It was a few more things I would of touched on, but this was a topic that's really making irritable today.

Lesson of the day:
And that goes for all trolls!


  1. I agree with you 100%! Some people are really enjoying it secretly and adding on to the problem. Wouldn't even be a problem if people hadn't freaked out publically over and over again. >_> With the people we have now on the forums now, it gets a lot attention and that's all it needs.

  2. Excatly! Now I was all for people making people aware of it, but now it's just gotten silly and I finally just realized that it might be best if everyone just ignored it completely. I don't think it has ever been truly ignored, which is why it comes back.

  3. Even though most people will probably never admit to it, but as much as they hate trolls, they also LOVE all the drama that comes with it. And they will keep on milking the situation for as long as they can - probably long after a certain individual grows bored of the simming community and moves on to other things.

  4. I don't think it's harsh at all! The thing is if people still talk about a certain scumbag they continue to give him the attention he wants and he uses that attention as fuel take the attention away and eventually he'll get bored and crawl back in his little hole....

  5. Aw thank you. I was hoping it didn't come off too harsh. I do want the sitution to be resolved, but I think people are going about it all wrong.

  6. Well said and I couldn't agree more!!


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