Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Liam's family and the latest randomness...(Pic Spam)

Liam's family! :D
She grew up into a toddler.
Janny looks like her dad. :P
So freaking cute! I'm actually quite happy for him. :)

Does this happen in your game? I had random person visit my house and ring the door bell!
Since he came over I decided have Mikey greet him.
He's actually kinda hot. 0_0
Next door she had a visitor too. Not as hot.
Well the next day I had Nick go over to Shane's old household. Shane has finally moved out to be with his new girlfriend. I was going break them up, but I'll leve them alone. Roxy has moved on anyway.
Well Roxy didn't get along with Nick too well. I'll see if Mikey can make friends with her.
Hehe, speaking of Mikey. I had him invite Liam over after Nick went to work.
Officially friends now.
Nick came home shortly afterwards to see their goldfish died. I have yet to keep a goldfish alive. I might get a snake next.
RIP Goldie. I know my goldfish namee are so unique.
Random stray and Roxy. ^_^
Mikey and Elizabeth have become close friends also. Nick yells at too many people to make friends. lol
Well I had my boys go for the night. Nick went into the club. while Mikey was doing this.
Haha, guess she's pregnant. Too bad Mikey isn't full fledge doctor yet.
Finally I got them to eat out. Kinda wish I hadn't patch so they could eat dog food, but oh well. xD
For some reason I keep getting party invites also.
Mikey ran outside, but he was there.
Oh and these two are dating!
Kinda hoping it works out, so I can see some babies. I moved a new sim in, but I have to add some more houses for more. To be continued...


  1. Hehe thank you. :) The random guy needed a makeover, but he didn't have a bad face. Some of the townies can um interesting looking. Bwhaha well they just had a son. I'm going have army of Liams if they keep it up. xD

  2. Micky is adorable :3 that random guy that visited his house has a farmer hat on =P (or an old man hat my grandad has a hat like that lol!)  and Janny does look like her Dad O_O i hope she doesn't have a skill at breaking internets O.o

  3. Lol! i'll have to agree with you on that xD ever since i got erm Master Controller? i have had very nicely dressed townies O.o i am serious i might steal some of their fashion ideas :P :O and post the Army! :3


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