Tuesday, June 8, 2010

You really can make a difference!

Remember Write emails, letters etc. post!-here Well I made that post to do something about EA's lack of customer service on forums and in general! Not the game, but EA's treatment of customers! Well alot of you peeps must have email them!
Well ArmenianTwin95, a blogger and vistor of this blog has got reply back form one of emails listed! Read the whole thing here: http://talesfromatwin.blogspot.com/2010/06/i-got-reply.html
Well basically they have been recieving lots of emails about EA. We should continue getting the word out and emailing “gripe sites!" If EA works on customer service (bans, help, the site) they might just become a decent company!



http://gameinformer.com/p/contactus.aspx -click select a news tip


A new one from Armenian: http://www.bbb.org/us/

Thank you Armenian for posting that you got a reply and this link. This is great news! This one simple reply is hope.
Now for all negative comments that might pop up after posting this, I love the game! I really do! I'm a loyal fan and all I want is EA to become decent! Just today I saw thread complaining about EA not helping someone on thier live chat and it was just sad! Reminds me of Paco's live chat that resulted in no help. It's disgraceful! It's like all they know how to do is say try reinstalling! This is another reason why emailing these places are so important and if this results in another ban, well they can go ahead! I have no regrets!

Go read the latest thread about customer service while it's still up by the way:

On a sidenote my father brought me the ep and it was much appreciated, but EA loves money. Buy the eps off somewhere like Amazon. That way EA doesn't get it!


  1. I also suggested over at TSS that if you follow TS3 on Twitter, that you unfollow them and tell them why (forums are crap, exchange is crap, etc.) and make sure to include #TheSims3 in your tweet so any fans who are equally as pissed, but are not sure what to do can follow suit if they wish. It may not be a lot, but if they notice a sudden drop in followers on Twitter, or a large loss in fans on Facebook, they're going to wonder why, then they will likely see the messages toward them.

    Fidler will be speaking with Stephen from EA soon. I suggested that he tell them that we're past unsatisfied. That we're pissed, and we're disgusted.

    The problem is, EA seems to think that they can treat their customers badly while also making money, and customers prove that theory by going out and buying the EPs anyway. There are some who don't care, and there are some who don't even know what's going on, but if you get enough pissed off people, EA will soon remember that word of mouth still exists, and it spreads like wildfire on the internet.

    I agree Vid. Email who you can and everyone you can, but also tell the staff at EA straight to their face (because we can't on the forums) that we're done, and we're no longer going to follow them and hang on their every word if we don't get what we give.

    It's all about give and take. There are a few builders and creators who are fed up and done, and there are many who are about ready to quit as well. We're all sick of this crap and it sucks, because all that needs to be done is fix the forums and exchange and it is NOT complicated. There are games like WoW and EQ2 who have thousands of people on their games, hundreds on each server, and if there's a crash, it's fixed in a matter of hours. This problem with TS3 is only a matter of a piddly ass little forum. It CAN be fixed, but it seems to me that the staff either doesn't care, or is made up of a bunch of shit-throwing monkeys.

  2. Sorry....I really hijacked the comments with that novel I just wrote. 0_0

  3. my father knew i would cave before my birthday and brought it for me. *sigh* i so agree AE and its ok. comments/novels are welcomed. i will not same mistake wit WA and buy something i dont want. i will also check into to buying on sites that are not involve with EA.

  4. Aw, thank you! And no problem. I was surprised I got a reply at all.

  5. i got a reply from whoever i sent an email too as well, but they told me i was the only one and one email isnt really enough to do anything about.


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