Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Working on Assignment 2 of Gothique! What do you think?

Assignment 2 is a poem and pic. My theme is joy, but the it's suppose be Gothic! I was bit stumped at first, but last night I suddenly became all poetic! Ok, tell me what you think of it so far. Most importantly is it Gothic? It's also written from my model perspective, Shane. I'm not going submitted till I'm completely happy with it. Here it goes:

“Sitting in my room with smile on my face. I know the darkness. Not going back to that place, but the darkness follows me. It’s part of my soul.”

“Take the needle to my skin, feel the pain and pleasure of it all. She looks at me tempting me, making me feel alive. I hate her, I love her, I can’t live without her, the feeling feels too good.”

“They say leave her alone, but the pain is my addiction, my lover, my downfall. Without her I am nothing but a shell. With her I‘m infamous, not even the devil can raise this hell.

She makes feel loved, makes me feel like I’m whole again. Happy I am at last as world grows cold again.”

“When all goes dark, I weep for her like the broken hearted. She leaves me when I need her most. She laughs in my face, drives me insane. Her trickery all a little a game.”

“Wake up dying inside, feeling the world lost to me. Don’t do it they say, find the happiness within, but I have no soul. To have her one more time won’t kill me. Take her poison one last time, feel elated, I can never die!”

“Well it’s a new day for her and me. Something is wrong. I feel cold. Try to wake up, but my eyes stay close. Open them, but it’s not the same.

Kiss it all goodbye as I watch my world fade.
She is my murderer, my killer, lover, she is my drug. My blessing, but my curse! My happiness at my worse.”

“With a my smile on my face I die, they mourn for me, but don’t cry. For what she did for me, Joy was her name, my addiction, my downfall, my drug, that one last pill. Joy was her name.”

Sorry for the weird spacing! :-/ It didn't look like that on Microsoft Word. Now I need a pic!


  1. That's really really good vid. And very gothic I would say =D

  2. I like it! It's about as gothic as it can get! Love how her name was joy. One thing, I don't feel very happy.

    Probably because the end result wasn't joy, but sad realization, and he has to give that joy back. I wish he could of kept it. Maybe happy in death, her as an angel above?

    Don't listen to me. You should be scoring very high.

    Looking at it again. I see that he's happy. Possibly more JOYful at the end? Instead of don't fear/cry over/for me, he could feel the warmth of absolute joy and her caressing touch filling his heart,mind,and body, making him the happiest man alive, in all the world, even if only for a second more. I'm shutting up now. >.<

  3. ^i get what ur saying but her/she is the drug. i wanted seem like drugs was a female. i kno i got all deep. :-P i might tweak a litte.

  4. thanks guy! I have a pic now! 0_0 I reveal it soon!

  5. It's awesome, Vid! You have a talent for this!

  6. ahh ok. Stoopid overdose -_-

  7. Great job Vid! I love your poem and I think your shot for round one was one of the best if not my favorite..well was a tie for you and JKA as my favorites hehe.


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