Monday, June 28, 2010

It's official! The Fast Lane Stuff Pack!

As I thought! Cars! *groan loudly* As I said on that thread I don't want no stinking cars! The only thing that I would want out this Sp is maybe the clothes, but it's not worth it. Remember the whole fuss about ads being in game. This could be perfect opportunity to slap some car ads in. I'm completely turned off by this Sp. I see no point to it, since we have cars and many CC creators provide us cars for free. I guess the boys will like it, but ...*yawn*
By the way...
If that's a new male hair that would be featured in the Sp, then I'm afraid to see the rest!
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 Sp, Ep you know what I mean! Typos!


  1. I agree, the only thing I'd like to see in an sp is hair and/or clothing... or this:

  2. Not too happy so far with the idea of this pack...

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  4. Hmm...I'll have to disagree with you guys on this one. I don't use a lot of CC outside of TS3, so I have basically cars and furniture provided by EA.

    What caught me is the "rockabilly" which I am a fan of. I love retro/50s diner/pin-ups type themes, so this SP actually has me interested. It's definitely a fun new way for me to decorate my sims' houses!

    Just a matter of different tastes is all. I doubt that I will just run right out to the store, but watch for what problems might arise in-game and other issues.

  5. Stuff pack + EA = Shit pack

    This sucks

  6. I love cars so honestly I'm kind of exited X.x

  7. I think the boys will definitely like this one.. I mean cars?! Heck yeah. =] Honestly.. all I want is new hair and clothes but I never downloaded any cars from the store or anything, maybe this will be cool. I am getting sick of the cars that is in the base game.

  8. I'm not excited for the cars so much as I'm excited for the pin-up and rockabilly styles.

  9. I only want it for the cars. The rest...meh.


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