Friday, June 18, 2010

Fame is insanity! And where is the love?

Where is the love I ask? Really the simming community has had a tough week. The drama here over one lousy post, chat wars, and fighting between friends. It's ridiculous! Well I'm in preachy kinda mood so here I go. THIS IS NOT ABOUT ANYBODY SPECIFIC FFS!

The first point I would like touch on is this whole thing on being famous in simming community! Never had I thought this blog would gain as many followers and hits, but with all the success has come it's consequences. I had made post about not being remembered back when I had got perma-banned. I was mostly worried that my absent on the forum would eventually kill my blog. This was of course silly of me to think this, but I did. I did caught up in the popularity of it. Silly of me, but I was happy! Now I see what FuryRed was talking about. Fame in simming community is basically a game of guess who? You have your true friends, you have your fake friends/people who act like they love you, but hate your guts, people who just hate you, then they are people who are dying to ride your coat tails! You have guess which is which or find out the hard way! I am finding out hard way so far! People will do anything to get famous off of you and if denied them of it, they try make you look like villain! You don't have to denied them of it either. If they see opportunity to make you look like a ass, they will do it in heartbeat!

What is this anyway? A community of people who like sims! Despite this people are jumping hoops just to be simmming celebrity. I made this blog for sims, fun, somewhere to openly talk about issues on ts3  forum, and friends. I am finding out I have less friends then I thought with this blog, which is ironic since I made it for friends to chat with me and make them laugh! I am also finding out that some people dislike me just because my blog has gotten popular! I can't lie and say it's not! Not to sound like I'm boasting about it, but it is. Like FFS! Have we gotten that petty! Well let me tell you I'm nobody special! Jealousy for a blog is just beyond stupid! If I knew I will get this type of attention, I might have changed my mind. If you want to be petty though, go ahead! You only missing out! Despite what what image you may have of me, I am big softy to be honest...till you piss me off to no end and that takes a lot. My point is I did not ask to be famous/popular. All wanted was was to have place to go too when EA piss me off, a place to rant, somewhere to goof off! I admit I got caught with the blog getting so popular, but I was happy. That's all it was, but I'm finding this "fame" is lonely! Luckily I still have some friends left that I know are real! Thank you!

Now the last thing is I would like talk about is all fighting! Sure it was some unwanted action here for minute, but they have been a lot fighting going on in general! I don't know what it is, but it's not needed and if you can't agree to disagree, then it's times to cut ties with each other. Don't let people turn you on your true friends though, because you might end up with no friends at the end. Be aware some people will just never see eye to eye and please respect people's opinions! Also as I said friends are great things, don't ruin it and don't let people ruin it for you!


  1. Great way to put it Viddy. I respect you even more now.

  2. ^aw dylan! :-D dont quit on ur blog by the way. i beleive in u!

  3. Ill try... i think it needs a new setup. And I never seem to remember to blog *facepalm*


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