Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Let them squirm, b**** and moan! Things have changed! One last post about it!

No more nasty anon comments! Wait let me point and laugh! Ahahahahahahaha! Ok, I'm done! Being that I can express myself without some random person popping in to say F you, I will continue expressing my opinion! This blog will not turn into one big rant, but they will be times I will feel to express my opinion. As for one thing I want mention, the kiddie thing is a term I use as term of endearment. Nothing negavtive. I talked to Rayy and Alexis myself about it. Everybody else was welcome talk about too, but no else did. Whoever put the idea in your head though, Windbag, whoever it was, get it out of your head!  I know alot two-face stuff happen with comments and well be aware that I'm not having it. Will I flame you if you reveal yourself and apologize? No. I would appreciate it. All can do asssume who it was though, as they were all too coward to tell me. That doesn't mean I will start being mean to everyone who follows/befriend Windnbag, but I will not be so trusting anymore... with anyone really. He can't lie and say he had nothing to do with comments though! You can wash your hands of it, but the dirt is still there. I told you how I felt and that is all. Leave me alone. Don't send your lackeys to spam my c-box anymore or try to get me to forgive you either! As for some of your friends, I don't care if you think he's nice! Good for you! I have nothing to discuss with him!

The lesson to learn though for everyone is: hanging with too many trolls will turn you into a troll.
As old saying saids: If you lie down with dogs, you will get up with fleas.
Google it if don't get it and take my advice!

Back to the funny bussiness tomorrow! Night all!


  1. Gotta do what you gotta do hon!! Good for you!

  2. Tis so true! We are judged by the company we keep!

  3. Good for you vidkid.
    No need to put up with bumnuggetry.
    My daughter helped me get an account so I can comment.
    I really need to learn how to use this pc.

  4. Vid, I have a bunch of stuff to say about all of this, but I'm going to PM you at Cece's about it (don't worry -- it's nothing bad).

    Like others have said, you need to do what you need to do, and you shouldn't feel too apologetic for feeling the need to take the steps you've taken.

    *hugs* You know your friends are here. We always HAVE been. ;)

  5. Vid, I just wanted to say that I apologize for any bad feelings you have for me, but I also need to explain to you that I don't control my friends.. You came onto my chat, and yet we all explained to you that I don't "use" them as you think I do. My chat is just a friendly place to convene and discuss fun topics.. I didn't tell anyone to comment on your blog, and I certainly didn't even link to it on my box.. I'm sorry to tell you this, but I didn't even discuss your "new rule" blog because I had no idea it was around. I don't care how badly you feel about me, but I will always act cordial, that's the only way I've acted towards you in the past months. I always made sure to say hi in your chat box, and always to comment here and there. "If you have nothing nice to say, then don't say it at all." That's the motto that we all should follow, most especially me. I've probably done a few things before, but I'm on the road to patching torn relations up. Vid, I wanted to work things out with you, but if you feel it's necessary to call me windbag, and to demean me like a school-girl, that's your own fault. I'm not manipulative and I don't control others. I had minimal involvement in the bumping of my threads, and NO involvement in the bumping of Lawer's. Sorry, but I still feel like we should sort a few things out. It's ultimately up to you.

  6. Vid, if you want to sort things out with Erick, I really think you guys should do it in private. This has already turned into some Ringling Bros. nightmare -- if you have more things to say directly to him about the situation and if you WANT to continue the dialog, I honestly think you two need to do it in the confines of a private chatbox session or a few PMs. This is between you two, and you two are the only ones that can sort it out.

    If you guys come to some sort of agreement (or agreement to disagree) or truce or whatever, then do it on some neutral ground away from the spotlight. At this point, there's not much more for the peanut gallery (all the rest of us) to say that hasn't already been said. The rest is up to YOU two, then you can deal with some of the others if you feel the need or desire to.

    I hope everything works out with you guys the way you feel is best. But again, hash it out in private so that you can really say what you truly feel without any fear of what others will say or do.

    *no harm meant by ANY of that*

  7. Thanks Cel, and that's kind of what should happened in the first place in regards to her feelings for me. But it is Vid's blog and she can say whatever, and whenever. :)

  8. I know, and I COMPLETELY agree that we should all be able to say whatever we want on our own blogs.

    But the longer this goes on in such a glaring public spotlight, the bigger and crazier it gets. So often Vid will say she's done with a situation and doesn't want to comment on it anymore, but because it's all so public new shit starts up and she feels the need to explain & defend again.

    This situation has gone on for a while with you guys, and at this point I think you both should either be done with it FOR REAL and for good or talk it out privately. But it's her decision & yours -- that's just my half cent of advice/observation.

  9. Anon said...
    Erick. Leave her alone.
    ^that was under post I sense trouble.
    Why would name be refer to as if you were one anons commenting.
    Also you appeared practically at the same time nasty comments started being posted. If those were your friends posting, then I wouldn’t want be associate that crowd anyways. I’ve seen your “friends” spam podia’s blog, because he had opinion. I didn’t attack you. All I had was opinion and I was attacked. I don’t have anything to do with people who have friends that going around attacking whoever disagrees with them. I would prefer we go our separate ways and let’s not talk about anymore. It’s getting tiresome.

  10. Vid, I didn't even bother reading that... We just need to not rehash the past, and just talk it out.....

  11. Ok, so I read it, but I didn't comment, and it was probably an on-looker assuming it was me....


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