Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Another day, another comp! *Fix the link*

Yes I have joined another comp Cstyles Sims3. You can blame all chat box peeps over there for that! Evie too! Why must you temp me with awesome comps! She hosting the comp by the way. Anyway I already turned my entry in! Kimi Kato, a MS3B featured sim has decided to take up the challenge!
Download her here!
Yes this great opportunity to shamelessly promote her! Ha!
Unique Kawaii Comp here! Sign up now!
Also look out for Dylan aka dylsoccer12's comp on the comp section of course!
Also Cece your welcome again bish!
Note: Bish is inside joke! hehe
Thank you Arcanalia for pointing out the broken link! The link where it said download here is fixed! :-]


  1. Thanks bish!! Lol! (Evie made us do this...she made this word) Bad Evie!!! ;)

  2. She looks great! But it's telling me the link is broken?

  3. Wow, she is really pretty and unique! I am sure that you will have a lot of fun doing the comp and will do great!

    <3 Sun


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