Tuesday, June 8, 2010

My first look at Twinbrook!

Me: Oh...pretty???
Me: Oh great the dump has ghost!
That orange ghost is a guy by the way! 0_0
Ghost in my bathtub!
Me: Can you guys like leave?
Waffle making ghost!!!!
Well the ghost hunter came as they would not leave! Smexy isnt he? Eww! lols
Well then after that I visit the junkyard as I curious to see it!
Junk, junk, more junk!
Then I visted the stylist for makeover and tattoo!
Tattoo guy: Um...nice hair?
Not bad!
Me: Ok give me makeover lady!
Love it!!!!! I was shocked how good of a job they did!
Then I visited the fire department. Didn't see anybody so I went jumping around on their trampoline!
Then later I went to see what the local dinner look like!
Right after that I went home and well...
Guess I won't be eating there anymore! 0_0
Then I went to sleep after my busy day!
Me: Hopefully the bed bugs don't bite. Literally!
Well that was quick little tour of the place! Might do another today with another sim. I started over again with my avi in twinbrook and she is on level 3 of stylist. I'm playing with no cheats! She is slowly gaining cash! My review game so far is I give it a 10! I'm crazy about it and I even love the dreary little town. Reminds me of New Orleans which was the setting of Interview with a Vampire(my favorite book)! I'm going play more today and don't worry I will update my blog, but if suddenly disappear you what I'm doing! This ep is way better than WA in my opinion and made me love Sims 3 even more! EA did great job, but they still suck though! lols


  1. yup.. Twinbrook look like New Jersey lol.
    i like it actualy. i think its got a very real feeling to it.. not all 'perfect suburbia land'
    it looks more like real life

  2. I want ambitions SOOOOO bad!!!

  3. wow it looks really cool. i wish i could get ambitions already!

  4. I have Ambitions, but it is sitting quietly on my desk, unopened. Okay, well, it is open, but I haven't installed yet. I'm afraid of losing my nice CC.


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