Sunday, June 20, 2010

It is unsettling isn't it? Oh Poida where are you? *update*

I know I said no updates, but after reading Mare tonight I am worried about Poida myself! I did check for his blog earlier and nothing. It "doesn't exist" is saids and that is very disturbing. No warning! Just up and gone! I was actually planning to make comment on his blog to say hi and also read his story. I don't read many stories. I just started reading a few. Anyway his story is much loved and it would be heartbreaking if it was gone! It would also be upsetting if something was to have happen to him. Oh, no let's not think about that! Ok, hackers? Evie site was hacked, so I wouldn't be surprise. If it was hacked, we could be looking at all his Wasteland chapters being wiped! 0_0 I really hope Poida pops in soon. We haven't spoken a lot recently, but I found him to be hilarious on the forums and I think his blog was interesting read. I wish had read it more. :-( Just wanted to let you know Poida that I'm worried also! Where are you for goodness sakes?!
Poida I hope everything is fine with you! Good luck! Hope to see you back in simming world when everything sorted out! <3

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