Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Another blog?

People have been saying I should start another blog, a story blog. I might just do it, but I don't know I can pull if off. I think posting stories on here would too hectic/disorganized, which is one reason I didn't continue the Clue one. Also I just lost the feel for it, but I might go back to it when Dexter is updated. Anyway is it a good idea? At least with that blog I wouldn't have update it as much as this one, so it shouldn't be that hard. Should I? I want play with templates again despite how much I like this one, so maybe this is telling me somthing! Also is the writing on this blog too dark? Last post for tonight.
Goodnight all.


  1. Oh please start one. It'd be great.

  2. You should! :D

    I think, Dexter has been updated, btw. It works in my game with Ambitions. :D

  3. I think you should! I love stories :)

  4. go for it! thats exactly why i have 2 blogs. i wanted one for my storys, and the other one is just for bullshit

  5. you should go for it! If you're worried about it becoming too discombobulated, set up a new blog and link it here.

    btw, the writing isn't dark at all.


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