Wednesday, June 2, 2010

The first of many deaths if my demands are not met!

If EA does not fix the damn forum soon, I will punish the nerd till it's fix! Yes he shall die many times. Maybe one of the deaths will stick so I can post again!

Nerd: Oh my book is overdue. Oh!
Me: Die EA scum!

Nerd:Oh whyyy!
Me: The shitty forum is broke! That's why!

Nerd: Noo, my overdue book!
Me: Shut up!

Me: Finally!

Me: Oh Grim!

Few mintues later....
Me: Ahahaha! Oh Grimmy you are too funny!
Grim: What can I say! Oh wait one sec...

Grim: Shut up already!!!!

Grim: Ok, where were we? Oh your it!
Me: Yays
Then we played tag! ^_^
Hopefully the nerd will be gone soon. If not he will die again! Grrr!
By the way have to remember to wear my EA suck shirt next time!


  1. Too funny Vid!!! :) Ohhh... I'm curious to see the next way he dies!!

  2. lol I think I started a trend with the nerd killing xD


  3. LOL, excellent! I'm so SICK of that bastard...we should all do this! >:D

  4. LOL,He needs to die in soooo many ways.


  5. You should make him a loser if you haven't already so you could torture him until he dies of old age. ;D

  6. Arrggh. I hate the technical crap that EA is too lazy to fix! I try to log on, and it never works :(


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