Monday, June 14, 2010

I sense trouble! I can no longer not speak on it!

I didn't make a post about last night, because they apologized. I just have bad feeling! If you don't like someone don't try stirred them up to get them banned. Be yourself, don't just act on something because you think it will make you cool in someone's eyes. Remember this is the internet, I don't know you and you don't me. No one one is to be fully trusted. Also keep in mind people's past history. Saids a lot about them. Why am I saying this? The return of someone name Erick has me saying this.

I am torn about it really. I remember what it was like back when Erick was on the forums and it was a bunch drama with him. Everyone is now appearing to embrace him and I have even talked with him on his chat, but too many people have said things. I don't like how he got Hippiedippie banned at all. She is one bestest friends on the forum and getting people banned doesn't sit well with me. I love talking to people that are frequent visitors on his chat, but the trust with him is not there. Having Smoz (who was banned and brought back), even having a appearing from Nashville in your chat is enough to me say some things. I will be honest I don't trust you, Erick and despise trolls. I despise report button people too! Do I hate you. No, but I'm not as easy charm as you think. For one thing why didn't you come back sooner if you love the forum so much? Why has Em, one of the most helpful and responsible simmers kick you to the curb? I've heard a lot from many people. Not just her or Mare and if you attack anyone for this post you will see a fury like no other! I promise you! These are my own thoughts though that I have been having for awhile now. I will be keeping eye on the forum and you.

Yep, that's how I feel! I know people are going be like oh she's being drama queen again and shit, but I don't care! As many questions I asked him, he should know I don't trust him already so this is not behind his back and he can read this. I even asked him about Mare's post today, but I can't help think what he saids is bullshit. I just don't trust you, I'm sorry. You may ban me from your chat if you want. I wanted to clear any suspicion any one might have, since he has been here on my chat and blog. I was really just tired of ignoring what has been said about him and his past. I ignored it for the sake of some people I consider my friends. I hope these friendship remain and they heed my words.

I'm going to bed as I know the drama llama will be visiting soon. *sigh* Goodnight all!


  1. I commented on your "The Drama Llama Has Ambition", blog and since then have gone to various blogs,including "TMN". That's how I found out that it was resurrected threads being bumped and not Windsorerick himself posting.I must say that I cracked up at what Simjett said about him.It is so true.
    I was just a lurker when WE was an active poster on the forums and he was my crash course in "What is a Troll".
    You are justified in your lack of trust of him. Don't ever be worried about what others may think of you.
    I am in total agreement with everything TMN has ever said about him.
    I see also,thanks to TMN, he is back with a new persona, and I may have to make it a point to post in some of his threads.
    He of course will more than likely get himself banned before that happens.
    Real life has taken over so I don't have much time for my PC lately.
    You take care vidkid


  2. Well said Vid.

    Personally I delighted in the fact that he was banned from Sim Sanctuary, I don't need to know the finer details from his past to know that I don't like the kid at all.

    Stay true to how you feel though Vid, just because some girls have embraced him like some kind of sim savior or others have shunned him like a lepper, their opinions should never dictate how you yourself feel.

    Past actions are sometimes easily forgotten, but not everyone learns from their mistakes and returns a new's up to each person to decide that. And everyone should respect your position on the matter, I know I do.


  3. I was debating commenting, but now I will, cuz I know this is neither here or there, but to give you an idea of why I am even more mad at Erick is because

    I had posted on my own forum and in a few threads that my Grandma had passed the night I had heard about it. To let others know, I may not be good company, and my comps would be taking a back seat.

    When I woke up the next morning, what do I see in my In box from Facebook: A message from Erick saying that the Message to the Mares I had posted (and fully intended to take down, if not for the news of my Grandma) was uncalled for as he did not want the people visiting his chat to be scrutinized. I saved the darn thing and did not respond.

    Quite frankly it pissed me off, and I am NOT one to swear, in RL or on the internet, but Fuck Man, there are more important things in life than your image on the internet.

    I still am kinda pissed, but "poshofviolet" better know I am in no mood for his crap right now.

    As for the others that are following him: I have no issue with you guys, beyond trying to start crap on my chat, as you well know.

  4. It's so funny.. He has PMed me and asked me before how to regain LE's trust. Man he is trying REALLY hard huh?
    I really hope that eventually these people grow up and realize how tiny this popularity bullshit is in life.

  5. You are all over-examining this, and being catty. Whoop-di-doo, he made a new account! "GET OUT THE INFANTRY STAT"....get over it ladies! You claim that there are more things to life than this, then why don't you all please grow up and stop giving eric so much attention. You all make The View seem like nothing to your cattiness.

  6. LE, seems to me like ur just pissed because your chat is a ghost town!

    And nashville was on the chat ONCE. and smoz is nice really, except I wouldn't imagin u all to forgive and forget.....

  7. I really hate to say it, but I agree with you Vid... mostly. I do believe people can change. Forgive and forget, right? I guess I think that, cause that's the way I want to be treated.
    Erick's my friend, honestly, he is to me at least. No, I don't entirely trust him. But I know he feels bad, and what he did was wrong, whether he thinks it or not, but still, it's in the past. It's a new day, forget about it and start a-new.
    you don't have to agree with me, I know a few weeks ago I couldn't stand Erick, but when I really started talking to him, I kinda realized that maybe he does have a heart after all, as crazy as that might sound. :P

    although he was mean, do you realize how harsh some, very few, but there are some, of your comments are(not on this blog, but everywhere else)? some are just...kinda mean and untrue. no one has any right to judge unless you really, really know a person. When you really know Erick, then feel free to judge. Now I don't know if you do or not, so you could be right and I could be wrong. But I know, that judging people is wrong, especially over the internet.
    Remember, this is the internet, not real life.
    You never know what a person's like until you get to know them. Forgive and forget, give the guy another chance.
    you don't have to agree with me, I know no one is going to agree with me, but this is my honest opinion.

    sorry about the long comment >.<

    -Alexis <3

  8. I just buried my Grandmother TODAY. Do you get that? Do you think I want to deal with this crap? Do you think this is fun for me? Life is far more precious than whatever you drama and images you think is important.

    But hunny, I don't need to get catty. I'll leave that to you.

  9. Emillye, I'm very sorry that you've had to loose a grandmother, but if you don't want to deal with the drama, then stop escalating it... Snide remarks like" I don't need to get catty, I'll leave that to you." shows how dramatic you truly are.

  10. u are ones said we were catty! How about this? Shut the fuck up! It was not that serious! I dont trust him! So what?! All said was be mindful of people on the internet! And when say kiddies it isnt negative!

  11. If it wasn't that serious, then you shouldn't of made a blog post about it. You could of contacted eric personally and expressed his feelings. I remember you were on his chat last night, and you wanted to make sure he wasn't forcing us to do anything...and we all said HE WASN'T. He pretty much had minor involvement. I think it's time for you to just make amends.

  12. i came to ask him about mare post last night. i had asked him about other things as well. i have hard trusting his answers! i do not trust him and was simply saying the truth. he calls me his good friend when we never even spoken that much till recently and u guys are taking my post as if sky will fall now that i said this. my new blog rule is if u dont like it, suck it up becuz i dont care! now go chat about that becuz im not apologizing for my feelings! u are not censoring me either. what are u his servents? go away!

  13. Aww Vid. It's your blog. Meant to house your feelings and thoughts, it doesn't matter what anyone else thinks but you.

    The rest of us will either like it or hate it, but that's our issue.

  14. Iremember you came in, and asked us why a few of the members bumped the threads. First of all, it wasn't his idea, and fine, he had a kick out of it, as did all of us! Hop off mare's dick, puh-lease.

  15. first off who the fuck are u talking too bitch?! another thing who the fuck are u? u silmey little shit! How about u get off Erick' dick and balls and get off ur knees for once!

  16. Erick. Leave her alone.

  17. ^u r the one who needs calm down if u are same person. tell me get off of Mare dick! ha! kiss my ass and go away.

  18. Let me rephrase that. EVERYONE calm down. Flaming each other does not help anything.

    Erick is not a good person and many people agree. You can't trust him.

  19. Calm down! and no, it's not the same person.

  20. I'm not the same person.

  21. U obviously don't know erick then..... You make him out to be the devil, and hes really nice, and gave us a place to chat about sims :D

  22. well after this i dont want to talk to him and u can talk about sims anywhere but have fun. im done wit this. i said i dont trust him but i never said he was a evl person. if he was nice person he would tell his followers to leave me alone!

  23. Somewhere under that sombrero Erick has horns.

  24. I want weather and pets.

  25. Let&#39;s just keep this a secret :PJune 14, 2010 at 6:24 PM

    May I put my two-cents in?

    I don't know WindsorErick, but if he is PoshofVolet (Or something of that nature), who cares? His activity on the forums haven't caused a bedlam of chaos!

    Also, Vid, I know you meant well, but calling out someone publicly is just really bitchy, no offense, I love your blog. Maybe next time you should go another way to clear things up...

  26. now im bitchy!? well let me bitchy becuz i dont care!

  27. Wow...I didn't even know any of this was going on. o_O

    LE, I am so, so sorry to hear about your grandmother. I know how what a painful loss that can and your family have my deepest condolences and sympathy. Take care of yourself, and try to brush this other BS to the curb now. If you ever need talk/vent/shoot the shit, my shoulder/ear/eye is always here. ;)

    Vid, if you want to talk about any of this with us at Cece's, please do so -- you know it won't leave the chatbox. I don't really feel comfortable expressing my opinions publicly anymore because I always seem to say the wrong thing o_O but you shouldn't censor yourself. We don't have to like, enjoy, or agree with any of it, and thankfully we CAN if we choose to.

    My only hope is that people can disagree & debate fairly and maturely -- there's nothing wrong with having a different opinion or point of view and no one should be chided for it, but it gets across much better when we're at least articulate and respectful.

    Take care Vid ^_^

  28. Thank you Cel. I appreciate it. Shoot the shit is cool, but i'm all vented/ranted out, lol. A lot calmer now.

    I'm not one to lose my temper like that. So more embarrassed than anything, lol. But such is life.

  29. Hahaha ''chatbox is a ghost town'', it's so sad that you kids seem to think everything is a popularity contest. Those of us that still use the sim sanct chat are very happy that it has returned to the regulars we liked chatting with, rather than every kid and his next door neighbor.

    Most of us don't even hang out in JUST one chat anyways. I'm a huge fan of Cece's actually, and that's never super over populated either...because WOW we have lives we aren't on chat all fucking day!

    This is Vid's blog, it's here to express her thoughts as well as share her sims....I don
    t always agree with what she posts but I'm not up myself enough to come on here and spout off some self righteous garbage about what she should be writing and what she shouldn't.

    If you're going to comment at least leave your name, actually be adults and put your signature to your opinion.


  30. Some of the Anons here are being unecessarily rude. :(

    Anyways, Alexis pretty much summed everything up about what I wanted to say, xD. :)

  31. They wouldn't be rude if you and the other fools wouldn't have did what you did. It may have been all in fun, but it was ridiculously childish and immature.

    And that's all I'm going to say on the matter.


  32. I have to agree...this IS after-all Vid's blog and with that it warrants her the right to post whatever she wants. So to come here and tell her she shouldn't do this or that is like coming into someone's home and telling them what to do.

    I agree with a lot of what PK said and I can understand LE's frustration in putting her faith and trust in someone to only have it back slapped in your face.

    If WE truly wants to regain the trust of others his best and only bet is his words mean zilch right now and he will only be able to prove his worth by his actions.

    WE carries a reputation with him that 'he' created and no one else so only he can fix it.
    Has he done anything to me, no he has not, but his past follows him and now his present. I can't invite drama onto my site and have it interfere with the calm atmosphere that resides there. I can't purposely allow someone with a history such as WE's to possibly come in and destroy my site nor degrade and annoy my members and guest. I put them before myself in this kind of situation.
    I wish no ill on WE and only hope that somehow he is able to redeem himself to those that he has hurt. Whether they will invite him back with open arms is doubtful due to the extreme nature of some of his prior instances, but at least to have cleaned up his reputation should more than be worth it all. deepest and most sincere condolences I express to you and your family. I also know the pain of losing someone so near and dear in our life and in our heart. I lost my Grandmother several years ago and I'm named after her. We were very close and she is still missed as much today as the day we lost her.


  33. LE, you may not know me, but I give my deepest condolences. I lost my Great Grandma to Luekemia. She wasn't a grandma, but she was the only Grand-something that I had who was close to me. I know it's hard to juggle stuff like this online, and cope with your loss. It's tough,but it gets better towards the end, believe me.

    Vidkid, when's the next killing the nerd post? Those were hilarious.

  34. I lost my grandfather to a heart attack earlier this year, and I had him in my life for the longest time so it was hard to accustom to the fact that he's no longer there. But stay strong Emillye and be with friends and family. :)

  35. Thank You Pink. I have seen you around the forum and I do appreciate the sentiment. My Grandma was always about life and family. It is easier to know this was a blessing for her, as she had a lot of health issues, including being a victim of Breast Cancer. I'm sad but relieved to know that she is with Grandpa and no longer hurting/suffering.

  36. Thank you to you as well Cece. I greatly appreciate it.

  37. This comment has been removed by the author.

  38. I'm sorry but me and Nashville_Kittens are definitely not on the same level. And I'm not a troll.
    I don't insult people because of their political status.


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