Sunday, June 13, 2010

The Drama llama has Ambition!

Physic whats her face has been stirring up some trouble over Ambition forum. Yes kiddies the drama llama does not just visit General discussion. Well the constant spamming and what from Mare said attention whoring has ruffed the feathers of some regular posters there! A certain two have had her playing victim card on her recent threads:
Here the deal, she claimed to have depression (something that is no way funny or to be played with) along with many other issues and that they were trolling/stalking her threads. They said she is spamming and they will not drop their little argument with her. Both sides are acting like 2 year olds and keep posting. Physic what her face had even left the thread, but andandinic felt need to defend herself.
To sum it up more: Blah, blah more arguing, your a troll, nuh uh she is, omg blah blah. Does that help? So far it appears to have died. If your bored, don't mind killing brian cells, and need something to read go read the thread. Don't look for me on that thread by the way. I refuse to post on that sillyness.
Nothing like immature, slightly amusing argument to make you feel like your age. ROFL
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  1. Um,Interesting.
    I have spent maybe 1 hour total on the Sims3 site in the past 2 weeks.
    It appears I have missed alot.
    It's probably a good idea to not post in those threads.
    Who is this "MEF" that people say this poster reminds them of?
    I missed all windsorericks posts also.


  2. ^^ His posts weren't anything bad, so stop being so damn dramatic and look stuff up before making any conclusions.


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