Monday, April 8, 2013

What I'm listening to right now for free! FOB fans listen! :P

Free listen:
I love it when artist do that. Haha just sucks for them though, because it's super easy to bootleg now. Bwhahaha!

Favorite songs so far...

Then it's light em up, because that did grow on me. The rest of the songs including the ones Courtney Love and Elton John are meh. Overall I'm pleased. While my taste in music has changed over the years, I was able to get back in my FOB mode after a few listens. 

As for links on your youtube, they work right now. Not for long I'm sure, xD

P.S. While I could bootleg/steal, getting it from itunes is more reliable and I don't mind waiting. ;)


  1. So very happy with the new album. :) Death Valley is my favorite so far.

  2. Yeah I was little worried at first, but I guess I shouldn't of doubted the awesomeness of FOB! I hope they make some fun videos to go along with these songs!

    To add Miss Missing You is also a good one. :)


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