Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Haha, I'm so lame I know. Still it's not fair!

If you got tricked by my really late and dumb April Fools joke, yay! If not, good! I was stumped how to trick anybody today.

My grandmother of all people got me twice! As an April Fools veteran, I'm horrified and amazed by her sneakiness!

I did get her first, so I guess she caught on after that. So the first joke was easy. I thought I heard something drop on the floor and she decided to use that to her advantage. She told me she saw something under the little sink counter top we have, so stupid me went looking under there all hard trying to find the invisible item. Then I hear "April Fools!" -_-

Next was earlier tonight. I was sitting here typing. Looked over and she showed me the most freakiest looking dog treat I ever seen. It look like a mistake, because it was suppose be like a stick. This thing looks like big ball of worms on a stick or something. I jumped out of my chair, ran and screamed! She put it right next to my face! I think she would of chase after me if she wasn't laughing so hard. Gawd that thing was made of nightmares and my dog had a nerve to eat that thing! *shivers*

Well thanks Grandma! Meanie! -_-

Happy Belated April Fools everyone!

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