Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Movie Magic: Cycle One- Assignment 1

Genre: Romantic comedy
"Two of the unluckiest accident prone people meet! Mayhem ensues!" Well that's what I hope you get from poster anyways. I like to think when they met up all this happen. Monica knocks the guy off the ladder, while Norman steps on the guy's foots. They both enter the store, their eyes lock and they leave the store together letting a burglar come in. Or maybe the other around. Haha, I don't know what made me think of it. Maybe my own clumsiness.

Getting the whole poster done was a mega headache going into migraine though! I hope I do better this time when it comes to scores. If not, I did my best! I just hope I haven't missed any major mistakes like last time! D:

P.S. No that's not Liam! I didn't realize how much he look like him till afterwards. xD


  1. Ha he does kind of look like Liam!

    Great poster - hope it does well!

  2. Oddly enough I was thinking about using Liam instead. Almost did. xD

    Oh and thank you. :D

  3. It's nice to see something positive coming from clumsiness. I'm hopeless, myself, always tripping over my own feet or ricocheting off door-frames as I stumble about the place.

    In my limited experience of the genre, rom-coms tend to have a lot of rom and only a bit of com. And sometimes the rom is not very romantic and the com is not funny at all. So I like your poster particularly because it has a proper amount of com to go with the rom.



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