Monday, April 22, 2013

Good news for me, but also some bad news...

Good News: I went to the doctor, they took my money, and told me I was healthy. That they couldn't find anything wrong with me. So I guess I'm ok. lol I did peek at the scale in there and wasn't particular happy looking at it. *mumbles* I'll try to cut back on sweets and use the soon to be hot summer to it's advantage.

 Edit: Well they did tell me I was dehydrated and needed to drink more water, so I guess that's something. Now my grandmother is going harass me with glasses of water. Fun....

Bad News: We're going eventually have to take Roxie back to the vet. She's suffer somewhat of set back with her leg. She's back limping again and barely using her leg. I don't know what they'll going do or what may have of caused such drastic set back, but if they have to do surgery again we're not going be able to afford it. I wonder what they'll do then if we can't afford it. Or if something else?*sigh* It's worrying, disappointing, and depressing. :(


  1. aw poor thing. :( im in a similar spot. my snake is dying.. cant afford to bring her to the vet again, so i more or less have to just watch her die (and hope she gets better)
    hopefully Roxie isnt going to have to need anything serious done. good luck

  2. Aww I don't like hearing bad news about any pet. I hope you're snake gets better. D:

    In the case of Roxie, we're going wait it out and see if she gets any better. She should of been somewhat back to normal by now, but we can't even walk her with the way she is now. It's frustrating since she needs walks to get stronger. We're be back at the vet at some point I'm sure. :/


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