Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Dear Itunes! You suck!

Itunes you suck balls! Seriously! I despise you right now! WTF is wrong with you?! The stupid piece of crap of music deleted so much of my music from my ipod, I felt like throwing my computer out the window last night! I have no f'ing clue what the phuck they did with my music with this icloud crap, but somebody or some kind miracle better happen with my missing music today or they will get the EA treatment!!! I'm not afraid to email and tell you how sh***y you are!!!!! As for the free music, I don't care if some of it is bootleg, put that crap back on ipod you morons! All the money I pay you, I've literally payed for that music! You're songs shouldn't be 1.29 anyway! You freaking crooks! Then the physical cds that were paid with my money appeared to be gone too you useless idiots! Why are they gone? Am I only allowed to download from your crap store?! I want to beat the crap out of who decided it was good idea to f*** up itunes like that!

If seriously have to re-download s**t and hunt down stuff, you are going one furious customer! Who the f*** made you in charge of what I can and can't have on my ipod?!!! Stick imatch and the icloud up where sun don't shine please!

And dear companies of the world, stop f**** up stuff with unwanted features and money schemes! Nobody has money for that! Plus it's annoying! Stop the madness!!!

Sincerely, Vid

P.S. I can't afford the Fall Out Boy album at moment, because of the crap prices. But I was able to buy one song last night when Itunes decided to be a turd...

And the song I' m waiting for right now is Florence + the machine!!! -Obsessed!!!!!  :)

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