Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Movie Magic: Cycle One- Assignment 2 Scores!

2nd – Vid with Monica
I made this hard for myself. lol I had a feeling I would get 2nd tho. :)

Genre: 5/5
Movie Title: 3/5
Model’s Appearance: 4.5/5
Creativity: 9.5/10
Quality: 10/10
Overall Look: 14/15
Total: 46/50
Comments: Wow, Vid! You definitely nailed the science fiction look! I loved the veining on your extra, that was cool. I think my biggest comment was that your title wasn’t creative. I dunno, I just thought that you could have been more creative. Other than that, I think you did an awesome job!

Genre: 5/5
Movie Title: 4/5
Model’s Appearance: 5/5
Creativity: 9.5/10
Quality: 10/10
Overall Look: 14/15
Total: 47.5/50
Comments: Nice idea! I can see the genre easily. The title's a bit 'meh' but it catches attention. I like her pose - it's a good reaction to her position of having to save humanity. The green behind the text in the left bugs me, but that's just me. The picture (or window?) behind Monica seems out of place.
Overall Score: 93.5/100

Ahhhhh why did I put myself through the misery of putting this picture together! One headache after the other!

Firstly, I had to dig to find sci-fi stuff. Secondly, finding the right poses for this was almost like finding a needle in the haystack! Then thirdly, I decided to use the height and tipsy thingy at MTS so I could pull off the illusion of an anti-gravity kind of thing. That mod is something I'm not skilled with, so I had teach myself over again how to use it. Heck everything about this picture turned out be a pain! lol

When I did find the sci-fi stuff, that helped me tons! My idea for a setting was a spaceship, so I definitely needed a lot sci-fi décor to pull it off. The hard part were the poses. I had about 3 or 4 versions of this picture in my sim folder, because I could not get the perfect poses for my main model or male model in the back. Well it started off with me using the height/tipsy mod to make everything look like it was floating. The chairs were first and then I tried the chamber thing in the back after playing with different ideas. It was only when I got desperate that I chose to use the height thing on the sims. Something I was nervous about doing, but it turned out to be a good risk to take.

Before I used the tipsy thing, I did go hunting around for poses that automatically put them in the air at first. Unfortunately most of those poses are happy fairy poses and I needed the opposite you know? Still I was determined to not use the height tipsy mod on my sims, so I took pic after pic and tried edited their faces. Well that failed, so I decided to look for poses that would match the look rather than being all lazy with floating poses. I knew I was going have to use the height/tipsy thing more than I wanted.

I also went back and forth on the look of my model, but I finally settled on the original look I had did with the first couple of pics.

Then that's when the picture came together and it looked pretty much like the pic in my head. I edited the window in the back to look like they had crashed landed on a planet and edited the veins in to show that her crew were infected by an unknown life foam. My only regret is the stupid green lettering! WTF! Why did I do that?!

Anyway, the movie idea I had in mind was the Monica woke from hibernation to find her crew dead, the ship has crashed landed on a strange planet, and a unknown life form has evaded the ship! Basically the crew is infected and it's up to Monica to find a cure before the ship heads back to earth. Your typical sci-fi movie basically. My idea was quite random. As for the color scheme, it was based off the sleek white rooms some sci-fi movies have, but that's about it. Well I did watch "The Thing" a little before doing this, so that might of been where I got that from. That movie was so gross b/w! lol

Well only 3 of us left due to dropouts, which sucks! So not too many assignments left for this comp. :/

P.S. The title could of been a bit more creative. I agree with that. >_>


  1. It's a great picture with the floating sims. I like the guy in the back right who looks like he's weeping!

    It's a shame lots of people have dropped out already, but hopefully it will still be fun for those remaining to tackle the next assignment.

  2. Thank you! ^_^ It was hard, but it's easily one of the best sci-fi pics I've done.

    I am sad it's going be over soon, but I'm going slow it down a bit with comps again anyway.

    B/w the next assignment is movies with animals. Drawing a big blank for that. o_o

  3. Oh! Animals?! That's difficult. What about an animated movie - they often have animals. For example 'Ice Age' or 'Madagascar'. Although with sim animals you are kind of limited to slightly less exotic creatures than you might find in those sorts of films! Maybe some kind of horse movie. Gosh. Well good luck!


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