Wednesday, April 24, 2013

My Customs blog is officially under construction!

I'm in the process of redesigning my personal sims/cc blog: Vidkid20 Customs. I have made some pretty decent sims for modeling competitions and I'm starting to have a urge to create again. For the design of the actual blog, I want somewhat of an anime feel. Something colorful, but still fitting with type of sims I make. I'm also going make a banner. :)

Also I'll probably be deleting some stuff from there and list them in a page for those looking for them. To be honest it's few cc items I'm not really happy about leaving up anymore. CC is not my strongest skill in the sims world you see, so some of my pieces have been questionable. lol I tried! Still I won't quit on that specific hobby, but it will be something I do when I have a clear vision for certain cc items and I know for fact I'm not going screw it up. Soooo you're be seeing more sims when I do start updating again and later Lots whenever I can finish one all way through. xD

As for this blog, I may change this one as well. I feel like all my blog are so dark and moody looking. lol Why I do love this design, I'm getting tired of having the color black in my blogs. I do like color you know! ;)

Edit: Now it's looking like it might be a rockstar theme. :P  Heck I don't know. I'm back and forth with the design. Trying to work with the default blogger templates at the moment.

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