Monday, April 15, 2013

Having a good ol time on dat farm! (pic spam)

Ol Mc Vid made a farm! Eya Eya O!
Meet April May!
And Jon Dunnings. 

Well this game is a lot more fun than I had expected!

Well they started off really poor and instead of cheating, I decided to make them earn their money. I was able to buy them a beehive to start them off. 
I have never used the frugal trait much, so I never really paid coupon clipping any attention. It's a realistic and cute little animation. 
Then after some days, they headed on down to Summer Festival.
April wanted to skate.
While I decided to check out the tanning booth with Jon.

Then Jon decided to join April.
The place closed while they were skating. LOL...

Later to the two very close friends decided to get closer...
Then after Jon got a job as a teacher and April made some money with the harvested honey, they were able to buy a chicken coop!
Jon fighting with Charlie. 
He won! I think I lost when I (simself) fought with him.
My first egg! They got rare one shortly after that and made some extra cash.
Haha cute!
I fixed it up a bit. I may move them to a bigger house once they make some more money and add some pets.
Dumpster Diving?! That's new. She randomly did this. :o
Well she found some seeds, so I guess it's not all bad.

 Then I found out April is sick. My sims have gotten allergies before, but never the germ moodlet. 

By the way, the post lady actually looks decent. 

And that's exactly where I stopped today!
I'm not going use any cheats and I'm going try following their wishes a bit more. Hopefully things will stay interesting. :)

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  1. Aw, very nice farming action you have going on there! Can you eat the chickens? If not then why not I wonder? If you can catch and cook fish then it would be good if you could cook chicken. They could introduce some nice chicken recipes for that.


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