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ζ~Elven Spirit~ζ QUEST-6~ Well yeah my last entry for this...

Lots of people had dropped, so I'm not really counting this as my true final score....
2nd- vid-811
For my Father's sake 
My father always said I was as stubborn as a mule. That I had a determination like no other! Well when I followed him that day, I had no idea I was going have to fight. He told me he had something important to do that day and to stay put, but I thought nothing of it. I figured he was just being stubborn and overprotective as usual. 

Well I didn't plan to follow him so close as I did. I took my bow, a good amount of arrows, and I dressed in hunting gear that day. I figure I would kill two birds with one stone. Keep an eye on him and bring home dinner in the process. So when he took a completely different route from what I knew, I had no choice. I had to follow him and follow him I did. Right to what looked like tombs. 

I entered keeping up the distances between us, while keeping him in full view. As we went deeper and deeper into the tombs, it got damper and darker. My legs shook, but something inside me kept me going. When he turned the corner, I loss sight of him and panicked when I heard him speaking to someone. I stayed hidden where I was and it was then I heard a struggle. I jumped up just as he dropped to floor and saw he had been ambushed. 

As the rival tribe of elves circled around him, I drew my arrow ready for combat. My arrows hitting one after the other as the fear faded away. My strength, my determination, and the warrior in me wanting nothing more to keep my father safe. My father was the only thing that kept me going through it all and I wasn't about to let him die now. It was then I knew why he said I was everything to him, because in that moment I knew he was the reason why I kept fighting every single day. 

I'm not going into the whole situation involving this comp again, but these are the last scores I got...

10/10- uniqueness
9/10 photo relates to story/quest
8/10- photo quality
10/10-attire relates to race/quest
10/10- elven essence


i like how her father is her strength to keep fighting , 
and how she defended him
some small things dont relate to the photo from the story but no biggys
the arrow in the back of one of the elves is great detail [how did you do that?} 
the green plant is a bit pixeled and brings down photo quality
other than that i think this is good 

10/10- uniqueness 
10/10-photo relates to quest/story 
10/10-photo quality 
10/10- clothing relates to race and/quest 
10/10- Elven essence 
Comments: I love that no matter (or especially) her origin, her strength is her love for her father. I love your photo. I like how the lighting is on Aurora and looks like it could be from a torch/fire (fallen to ground, just out-of-sight perhaps) and how it draws your attention straight to her. And although the rest is shadowed, everything is still clear. I like the fierce look on Aurora's face and her crouch; she does indeed, look ready to fight. I like the background, her father's blood on the wall, the slain enemy elf, the little details that add to the scene without distracting. Wt is well-balanced and depicts her story well

Ironically this is probably one of my strongest pics and I threw this together in one day late at night. I had no real ideas and I just came up with this. You might can tell from the thrown together story.

My inspiration was my father, so I guess it does have some meaning. Along with that I just wanted to do a dungeon setting and use the cool arrow poses that's available.

The sword and leaves in the corner are edited in. The walls and floors were custom colored by me. Yeah I'm proud of how pretty they look. lol

So pretty much I did go out with something I'm proud of! Well I don't think the next assignment would of went well for me, because I'm not too knowledgeable of guilds and I would of been doing something similar probably. Would of been really boring I'm sure. Heck, all the assignments seem to just blend together for me anyway. lol I'm glad I don't have to do anymore pics for this. xD

My only regret is that I didn't drop out earlier. Sucks to see it end that way! :/

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