Saturday, April 13, 2013

Competitions are suppose to be fun right?!

When I enter competition there is a number of reasons why I join. Friendship is one big reason, because I want to help and be a part of something they're doing. Then another big reason is the theme, because I do have some themes that are hard for me. Then the rest is based on the inner working such as scores and etc.

Now I should of never joined this particular competition I enter some months ago. I was not comfortable with the idea to begin with, but a "friend" was running this comp and I decided to go out of my confront zone for them! Stupid me!

Well 5 months later, I was thinking of ways to drop out! I was praying to the sim gods to get eliminated! Now that is awfully long time to do something you're uncomfortable with and it's pretty long for a comp right? My competition started with it's first assignment in February and that comp started in December with their first assignment. No matter I wasn't enjoying myself and it didn't help that we spent more time waiting on people. Plenty of time to stop caring you know?

So finally after months of being patience, the waiting became too much and we complained. Now I wasn't really pissed off last night. I was more disappointed in the host flippant attitude, but now I'm pissed off. I stood up for this person! Got in stupid argument with someone even! Swore down they were a great host and this person could care less! They even had the balls to talk down to me and a friend! I'm furious!

Yes it is just a "sim thing", but FFS have some respect for the people are participating in YOUR competition!!! We're doing your comp for fun and if you're not taking time to make it fun for us, who the hell is going stick around for your little so called hobby?! That's too many competitions out there! So yes it may not be serious to you, but at least take account that real live people are counting on you to keep it from being a dragged out borefest! At least take people's feelings seriously!

Then the thing that pisses me off the most is I haven't complained one bit this whole time and suddenly I'm immature, because I told you the truth! Heck I held back somewhat! Well here's the deal! It's been tiring, long, unfair, and boring! Every time someone dropped out, it shouldn't have been non-elimination round. You have eliminate people to keep it interesting! The the gaps between scores should have been fixed a better way, because now it's unfair to get extra points solely on the fact you did something extra. Maybe had a judge's pick to better even it out? Then the due dates should've of been better enforced!  And finally if you're too sick to keep up with it, cancel the damn thing or have someone in place to take it over! If you stated you're weren't feeling well from the beginning, we will would of been more understanding!

Sims or not, take some responsibility! There's no competition if the host can't even be bother with it.

Soooo to sum it up, I'm done with all! I dropped out with grace and even said take care of yourself. If the host wants to call me immature and rude for that, than so be it!


  1. Well Put Vid! You aren't stupid in the slightest. Sometimes, we see people for who they really are and what we thought we knew isn't.

    Neither you are I are immature for speaking the truth. Not once did we complain, we laid everything out for her. We know what it means to run a competition.

    I saw that she implied we caused nothing but drama, and I laughed. I think between your blog post and mine, there's nothing left to say :)

    1. LOL She stirred up her own drama calling us immature and saying she didn't take it serious at all. She talked herself right out of contestants! But yeah I got a good laugh at the drama comment. :P

  2. in all honesty, some people shouldnt run comps. i mena, just because you have a great idea, or lots of friend,s isnt a good reason, you have to have some sort of leadership skills and know how to set it up, score it, etc etc etc. i always thought your comps were done very well vid, but i know i couldnt do it, there is no way i could run a comp. im not sure i could even judge one. maybe this person got in over their head and didnt have the courage to just own up to that. not everyone cant admit when they are mistaken. but yeah if its not fun, its not worth the time. if its stressing you out, its time to move on. i have had to leave one or 2 cause i knew i was in over my head. i dont join them anymore.

    1. Well the comp started off pretty badly. She may not have been prepared for that or all the drop outs. I thought about that.

      But one thing does confuse me and it's the fact, she had a comp before this that went perfect! She showed up most the time and it didn't end up being super slow or boring. Maybe because her heart was into that one.

    2. Oh and thank you Zeri! I didn't start off having my comps running so smoothly either, but I think all the complaints I did get were lessons learned. xD

      You did a great job in Vanity, so I hope one day you do try competing again at least. :)


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