Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Walking Dead- Season 3 Finale!!! O....M...G!!!

Nooooo!!!! I can't wait till October! Give me more!!!!!!!!
Major Spoilers ahead!!!!

Spoilers! I warned you!!!

First off, I'm still in shock and awe of the epic finale! Shocked that it ended on such a sad note with the Governor getting away! Then in awe of how they continue to surprise me!

Now I did miss talking about some things that happen in previous eps, so I guess I'll briefly cover that!

Sooo Merle!!! OMG! He got killed and turned for that matter! Now while I should of been jumping for joy in that moment, I was actually kind of sad to see him go. He redeemed himself. Plus it made me really sad to see Daryl so sad. Poor thing. :(

Then the big chase with Andrea and Governor was epic! I was on the edge of my seat watching that! I knew she wouldn't kill him off that easily, but I jumped when he caught her right in front of the prison! Agh!!! That ep was just too awesome! The guy who plays the Governor is amazing!!! His whistling was so creepy! xD

Oh and back when Rick was talking to the Governor face to face! Remember the big meeting? Well that was intense! Then when he mention Shane and the baby, I was so like "Oh no you didn't!" Oh man I would of been pissed! I'm still trying to figure out how he would know that and if Andrea told him, why?!

So speaking of the Governor and the actual finale! He has totally lost his marbles hasn't he? I'm actually happy to see he will be returning for season 4! Poor Milton though. I felt sorry for him! He seemed so nice to die so brutally. I was hoping he would make it, but I knew the Governor would kill him eventually.

The Governor attack on the prison also caught me by surprise. Not that the fact that he did it, but the fact it ended so quickly. I guess the townspeople weren't ready for that kind of combat! Well when they got away from the prison, the Governor really went nuts didn't he?! I seriously was in total shock when he shot all those people, but when his vision got all blurry and crap, I was "oh shit he's about to go psycho!" And yes he did! Such a shame he killed all those innocent people! I also feel sorry for those two guys who got in the car with him. Haha, I wonder where they went and how that car ride is going after all that! lol Awkward!

Then Andrea, is a idiot! Why the hell did she waste so much time talking to Milton while getting those pliers?! I kept screaming at her to get the damn pliers! Even Milton kept telling her to hurry up! Aghhhhhhh! I didn't want her to die. Annoying she can be, I was stunned and disappointed to see her go!

So Rick seems to be back! Happy to see that! Not sure how all the new townspeople living at a prison is going work out, but I'm glad to see him back. Glad to see he didn't pussy out and leave jail either!

Then that brings us to stupid Carl! Carl die already! *clear throat* Sorry, but I can not stand him! He makes me want to smack him. Who does he think he is talking to Rick like that?! Then he killed that boy like it was nothing! With no feeling what-so-ever! Psycho in the making! I have a feeling Rick going have major problems with him. He needs a good spanking and reality check!

As for anything else, I'm tired of Maggie and Glenn's romance! *rolls eyes* I guess it can't be all doom and gloom, but *gags*. I was hoping one of them would get killed in the finale, so I wouldn't have to see them get married to each other. *gags again*

So crap I'm dying to see next season...(pun intended)
-Where in the world is the Governor and what is he up to? What's going happen to his henchmen?
-Will Rick be the new nice Governor for the people who are left?
-Tyrese role in the group! Yay!
-Daryl and Carol. They might as well just get it on. lol Ew!
-Will the baby live through this season too?
-A real epic battle/fight between the Governor and Rick!

Stuff I'm predicting...
-Rick and the Governor will meet again one-on-one! Big major fight!
-*sigh* Maggie and Glenn will find a priest in the new group and get married. Plz no...ugh.
-Carl will go all "Shane" on Rick somewhat and get himself in big trouble!

...that's all I can predict, because TWD writers have me stumped! Nothing happen like I thought it would! Love it! lol

B/w they didn't leave the prison or move anywhere new! Interesting!

So now I have to wait for a new season? All way in October? Kill me now!!!! I think this Season Finale just left me empty! Happy, but empty! They gave us a f'ing cliff hanger FFS! I want to cry at the mere thought of 6 months of waiting! Whyyyy?! *cires*

P.S. Sorry jumping all over the place, but I'm so obsessed with this show! This is literally first time I ever got this invested in a show and made it this many seasons! I can't believe were waiting on Season 4 already! So awesome! :D

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