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Dead On Arrival: Chapter 1- SOS *Part 1*

Chapter 1- SOS *Part 1*

“Save Our Souls”
2 months later…

I laid upon the floor staring at its moldy tiles. It matched the rest of the decay and ruin that surrounded us now. It seem unreal that just a few months ago we had regular jobs and normal lives. Now we were just trying to survive.
“Nathan, do some work for once. We need food. Matthew shouted peeking up from the store counter. “Canned food preferably.”

That’s all he does now. Shout orders. We barely speak. He’s different. Distant and cold. I use to able to his read mind, but I can’t figure him out now. Shooting dad and sis did something to him.
I got up staring at what was left of the can goods on the near by shelf. Litter and empty cans seem to be the only thing left. I walked over to Matthew wondering if he had been more lucky on his search till we heard a sound. Someone or something had knocked over something.

“Who’s there?” Matthew yelled pointing his gun towards sound. “Speak now or I’ll shoot.”

“We won’t shoot. Just come out.” I said trying to sound friendly.

“Heh. I can’t promise that.” Matthew quipped.

“Why not?”

“Because they could be dangerous.”

“And if they were they could have killed me when I was laying on the floor.”

“Which I didn’t agree with in the first place!”

“Hey hey…please don’t shoot. I’m not dangerous.” a small voice echoed out behind the shelves.
A boy stepped out. He looked dirty, disheveled, and downright frightened. “My sister is sick. I was looking for medicine when you came in and I hid,” he said looking down at the floor.
I looked over at Matt smugly and he looked back rolling his eyes. “Kids can be dangerous too you know.” he whispered.

I ignored him and directed my attention to the kid. “So what’s your name? Maybe I can help.”
He told me his name was Nick and that he was 10. Well 10 and half if you asked him. I talked to him for awhile till he calmed down and I agreed to help him to Matt’s disapproval. He led us to an abandon house not too far from the convenience store. The house was gutted and scorched from the fires that swept the city, but it was shelter for Nick’s small family. A man and women met us at the door..
“Mom. Dad. I brought a doctor,” Nick exclaimed.

“I’m no doctor.” I chuckled.

“Certainly not.” Matthew injected.

No, but I have some experience with caring for people. Let me see her.“ I said eyeing Matthew.

We went up a flight of stairs and into a room or what appeared to be room. A gaping hole set where a windows and walls would have been, but a little girl untouched by the wreckage laid still on a bed near by. She was pale and clearly unconscious. I felt for her pulse and I was relived to feel life was still pumping through her veins. Unfortunately I also felt heat radiating from her body. A fever?

“Was she bit?” I asked looking into the concerned faces of Nick and his parents.

The father spoke. “No. She’s not bit. She just ill. She’s been sick for a few days now. I was expecting the fever would have took her by now…if…if she was turning into one of those…things.”
“Well she needs antibiotics. She’s still alive, so her body is fighting it.”

I looked over at Matthew who was eyeing the door. Then I whispered to the parents. “I would like to give her a fighting chance if it’s possible.”

“But we don’t have antibiotics or any meds for the matter” the mother said looking sadden.

“Don’t worry. I know where to get them.” I said winking making sure Matthew didn’t hear me.

Me and Matthew left shortly afterwards. We said nothing as we walked down the road towards what we were calling home now. It was the usual silence. Then without warning he turned around to me with the most intense look.

“That little girl is not going survive, Nate. She’s dead. “They’ll all be dead soon, It’s amazing they’ve last this long.”

“And why are telling me this?” I asked puzzled by the sudden lecture.

“Because I know you. I know your heart and I know you’ll do something stupid just to make things right.” he said narrowing his eyes. “Just please don’t do something stupid.” 
He looked at me with one last glance looking weary and sullen. “Let’s go before we run into the dead again like this morning. I still think coming to the city was a big mistake.”

I just stood there feeling guilty.

“I can’t watch her die.” I thought. I can’t let those people down. What if I can find a cure for this thing. My old job has to have some medicine left. I know that place from top to bottom. Maybe I can do this myself, but….

“Should I really lie to Matthew and go alone or should I tell him the truth in hope he goes with me?”

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