Monday, June 27, 2016

Really Mare's Nest? Really?

If that was suppose to be funny, it wasn't. 

Fun Fact: Do you know that people are calling you racist and I've defended you? Oh no you don't, so I would be careful what you joke about considering. You're going down a little road you don't want to go down. I'm this close to not defending you.

I'm also close to telling you to piss off! I've been your ally/friend for 7 years now and I've lost friend defending you, so let's not go there. Go back to being funny and charming. Ditch the pettiness please. I don't know if it was swipe at me or not, but I don't find trivializing racism as funny. Even if some people are getting are out hand with it, don't make fun of it. It's not funny or cute.

Just don't go there. Don't touch it. You're just making your selves look like assholes.

But seriously that wasn't even funny. It was stupid. Go back to the drawing board.
And yes this is me actually taking a pop at you. Wooo! I wasn't even mad, but now I am. Have fun with that.

P.S. If criticizing a post makes you act like this, than I'm questioning my friendship with you. Maybe I'm overrating, but it sure felt like a low blow. 

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