Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Roxie lump is just a lump! It's benign!

Well the vet appointment went great! Like Aussie Karima said under my comments, it was just a benign growth. I think called it a lipomas. Tumor sounds icky, but this one is harmless. Just a fatty lump to go with the rest of her fat. xD Well she did lose 3 pounds, so she is slimming down. I thought she might have gained. So yeah I'm happy. My sweet little fur ball is fine. <3

And if she looks different in the pic, it's because she's rocking her summer coat and the groomer cut the fur off her ears. I didn't want them to cut the ears, but it was kind of matted from ear meds (she has more ears meds. Ear infection queen). They'll grow back. :)

Buuuut I must say thank you to everyone for their love and prayers. I love you guys! <3


  1. I like her new 'do Vidkid.

  2. Thanks you two. <3<3<3

    Virtual Roxie licks for you both. I'll have her lick the screen so you can feel them. lol


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