Monday, June 27, 2016

International Glamour - A3 Scores

2nd Place
Vid & Noni Eze
Woot Woot! *dances* 2nd place is amazing for last min. lol

Gorgeous Vid and I love the bell bottoms. Everything about this image is spectacular. I love the color contrasting, the jukebox, the hanging lights, and her outfit most of all. Noni’s pose is a little stiff, but not terrible. Nice work – one of my favorites!


It's a miracle! I got good scores and comments. This photo was so last min and such a pain in the ass. Getting angle, the props and the background color just right was annoying. Then I would have liked a better pose, but I was pressed for time and just chose something. It think the styling is only that didn't drive me too crazy. It didn't turn out too bad I guess. :)

The next assignments are circus and pop art. Yep, we have two assignments, because Beech is on vacay. I want to do something bright and colorful for the circus and pop art photos. I may work on them soon. The pop art one at least. The circus one is going be a bit of challenge, so I'll save that for last. >_<

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