Sunday, June 5, 2016

Freaking out right now about Roxie

So I’m kind of freaking out right now. I found a medium size lump on my dog, Roxie’s tummy/mid section today.I felt something the other day, but I thought it was just a fat roll from how I was holding her. Well I was hoping it was, because she is a fatty patty. xD Anyway the lump is under the fur and it’s pink like the rest of her skin. I pressed it to see if it hurt and she didn’t react at all. She’s also eating and acting normal, but my mind keeps thinking the worse. The dreaded C word. I swear if she has cancer or something horrible and I have to put her down, I’m going be absolutely ruined and inconsolable. I may need to be carried out the vet’s office, because I just can’t. She help me get out of really dark place and she was there for me when my grandfather died. I can’t lose her. Plus my poor baby been through a lot. She has had surgery on both of her legs and we were barely able afford that. Like can she get a break? Can we get a break? Please pray for her. Hopefully it’s nothing more than a bug bite or something stupid I’m overreacting to.

I posted this on tumblr, but her history of illness is all laid out here and I thought my blogspot followers should know. I'm very nervous and a little scared right now. She will be going to the vet ASAP as a lump of that size is nothing to play with. Plus you know I'm super cautious when it comes to her anyway. 


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  2. ~ OK, it could be a Benign cyst, dogs & cats get them,in fact humans get them all the time, (I have had one, & it had to be removed surgically,but it was benign! A healing gone wrong,so to speak!)
    ~ Just saying so you worry a little less, as they are always painless, & can grow quite large my dog had one, but his had to dissolve by itself, over time as my Mom was not spending money on the Dog!
    ~ He lived anouther 10 years & died of old age!
    ~ I hope this helps, as you freaking out will also worry Roxie, understandable, I know what it is like, & worry is a part of the not knowing,so VET ASAP as you are doing will give answers!
    ~ Good luck & I hope I am right & it is nothing so bad!
    Love & best wishes for you both! <3

    1. Aw thank you. You're very sweet. Definitely makes me feel better. I've been giving her extra hugs today, but I've been probably getting on her nerves. xD I can't help, but worry about her tho. I'll try not to think the worse. Hopefully the vet said it's benign. It may be. I'll cross my fingers and toes it is. But again thank you. :)


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