Monday, June 6, 2016

Mares. You got it wrong when comes it to Eliavah and Gitte....

Ok. Before I start, this is not me calling out The Mares Nest. I don't plan for this to escalate into a fight or scandal. I care about them and they know that. I'm not trying to embarrass them or discredit them in any way. They've done a lot good in the community in regards to trolls. Now do I agree with them all the time? No. I don't. I have quietly disagree with them on many occasions in the past, but I think that's healthy for people who respect each other from time to time to disagree. It happens. Now I don't post these thoughts publicly due to the fact I respect their opinion and they have usually have proof to back up their claims, but I must say something this time.

The people in this post have not contacted me in regards to making this post. I wasn't asked to say anything. I'm doing this, because I believe their assumptions are wrong. I don't know everyone involved with this story, but I know that two people in particular are being portrayed in a way I'm not fan of.

So in regards to this post...

Eliavah is not a bumnugget or atttention seeker as you claim. She has never seeked attention or done anything unsavory. She is one of the nicest people I've come across in the sims community. I honestly don't know why you mentioned her.

This Black Lives Matters post has been  passed around more than a $2 hoe. I've underlined the various rebloggers. Elia got it from the post underline at the bottom, so she did not dig this post up out the blue. I've seen this on my tumblr dashboard plenty of times. I've seen post like this on my dashboard being passed around quite a lot lately with the on-going hair discussion. Why aren't they calling out those people? Why are you picking on Eliavah who did nothing, but reblog an post. Is it because Gitte so happen to reply to it? I don't think that merits calling Elia a bumnugget. You are dead wrong and I feel like that's bullying since she didn't do anything.

Also the music on her blog has been raved about and goes with the theme of her blog, so that's why it's on auto-play. Yes auto-play is annoying, but she's not a bumnugget for it. Plenty of tumblrs are like this.

Now for Gitte who you seem to love all the sudden. I'm going be careful not to be like those who are so called bullying her. Some of them are going overboard, but let's not act like Gitte doesn't ask for some of this. 
TBH I don't care if you want to put dreads on a white sim or purple sim or a blue sim, but I don't know why Gitte chose to jump in on this issue. The hastag was for to showcase sims of a certain color with ethnic hair. Hair that doesn't get made very often. Sims like that aren't showcased enough. Well that's how I looked at it. Even I'm guilty of posting sims of certain color majority of the time. Anway, lots people are making braids and dreads, so it did result in something positive that everyone can agree on. As for Gitte, she didn't just post this. She harassed another simmer via pm about the origins of dreads before the sim secret fiasco.
This from another tumblr. I'm not going reveal the identity.
Why get so involved and passionate about it? If she hadn't said anything, no one would be bullying her in the first place tbh. I honestly think that using her age as an excuse is not fair. At 15 she should have decent concept of common sense and knowing when to let things go and ignore people. She has no filter and has history getting herself into trouble....

So please stop painting her as an victim. You're only encouraging her. Maybe I'm committing the sin of the pot calling kettle black. You have took up for me many times when I've gotten myself in drama, but I never went around harassing people and I knew when to quit (most of the time). I also never went as far as posting on Sim secret. Isn't she just as bad as the rest of them over there for posting a secret?

But Gitte is not a bad person. I don't hate her. She's on Simmetry. She's also young and being an teenager sucks, but she also gets herself in everything and then plays the victim card. Then we tell her to stay out of it, she does the opposite. So please stop treating her as some poor damsel in distress that needs your help. Also please stop accusing innocent people of bumnuggetry and attention seeking when the person has done nothing.

If you somehow can find proof that Elivah is bumnugget, then please show me. I never once seen her act in such a way. Not even towards Gitte. So... I'm sorry, but you're wrong this time. 

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