Tuesday, June 21, 2016

I got my hair did last weekend and had fun at the circus...

Yes this is my actual face currently.

It's obvious from the lion mask I haz issues. Jk.

Taken from my tumblr, because I'm a lazy ass...
I went to the Universal Soul Circus last weekend with the fam. The bow on my head is a niffy little souvenir. I would have had pics of the actual thing, but we left our phones at home and I didn’t even know my uncle has his till we left. I think he hid it from us. >_<

I need an excuse to wear that bow out tho. It’s so cute. *_*


  1. Love the lion mask, Vid. That bow rocks as well. Do the colours change?

    1. Thankies. Yeah the bow lights up red and blue. It also has 3 different settings. I should have brought 2. It's pretty neat. :)


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