Sunday, June 12, 2016

International Glamour - Assignment 2

2nd Place-Vid & Noni Eze
Very happy with the results and this photo! :)


Darling! This is stunning work. I love Noni!!! She is gorgeous and this photo is so nicely done! I love the lighting and her eye contact is perfect. If I have to get nitpicky – which I do – I’d have to say that the effect is a tiny bit harsh on her skin, causing it to look pixilated in spots and the top choice was a rough one. You did your best to fix the bottom part of it, but it still looks a bit over-smudged and blurry in spots. Overall, though, this was one of my favorites!


WOW Vid! Noni looks amazing here, I love, LOVE the pose you chose, and you got your ‘alluring eye contact’ down! I love the lighting effects and the sparkle. It looks like just a bit too much burn/dodge actions going on here, but this is my editing preference (minor).

The picture turned out exactly like I wanted beside a few minor issues. I made the pose myself. I may release it once I fix the arm that's out of view. xD 

It's a really basic shot, so it didn't take much to do. The editing took up the majority of the time. 

For the next assignment I have to do a retro styled photo incorporating her country origins on a simple backdrop. I have an idea already. Kind of excited to start it, but I need to work on my story. This week went by so fast and I always get super busy when I promise to do things. Ugh. >_<

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