Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Well Mares, I guess I hit a nerve. Let me explain this better..

Well instead of getting Mare Nested. I got Mare Roasted. Ouch.

Well here we go again. I'm about to get serious. I said I wouldn't, but I need to. Starting to get annoyed as I type, so be prepare. This whole freaking post is not directed at Mares b/w, so don't get your panties in a bunch.

First off I would like to apologize for how I worded the whole Gitte business.

I said whole "seem to love all sudden" line out of frustration. I know how you work. I do apologize for saying that. That was rude of me. As for your post, I just thought that particular post and the gift message she publicly posted on her tumblr was a sign of support for her bumnugget behavior of recent. I did see that you were to trying encourage her to play her game and stop bothering people now, but I was still offended you would shame Elia and not her. Like the Sims Black Lives Movement and anybody reblogging anything related was completely at fault for Gitte acting out and getting feelings hurt. 
Nevertheless, no one deserves to be bullied or harassed for their opinion. She has freedom of speech like the rest of us. No one has to like it, but she does. I just feel like her comments were incentive and ignorant. She could have posted white sims with dreads or braids all fucking day on her own tumblr if she wanted. She could have screamed All Lives Matter all day and I wouldn't of gave a crap. She is the one that made it a point to post on sim secret, reply to BLM post, post under hashtag for all the wrong reasons, and harass another simmer with a debate on the origin of dreads. She put herself out there numerous times pushing it down people throats. How am I suppose to feel sorry for someone like that? To me that sounds like attention seeking. Just saying. It's nice that's she quiet now (thanks for that), but she was just as much as blame for her own misery.
There's no lynch mob. No one was even fighting till racist wanted to be included and have their say, so when Gitte jumped into the fray she just got a piece of it. Everybody was minding their business. Maybe I'm a special little snowflake, but I don't see how people wanting to show off their black sims with ethnic hair (something that's sparse) and saying Black Lives Matter is deserving of ridicule or judgement. I don't know the intent of each and every simmer involved with the whole BLM sims event or reblogging anything related to black causes. Maybe some do want attention and likes, but I don't think everyone was looking for that when they got involved. I posted under the hashtag #ItsMoreThanHair and I wasn't looking for likes or anything. Seriously. So I think it sucks you would think we forming some type of cliche and lynch mob just to be apart of the cool kidz.

Circasim on tumblr is the one who organized the rally in the first place and put out the first set of BLM cc. Their blog is super popular with amazing cc, so I doubt they need attention. Now I can't speak for everyone, but I really do doubt they did that to get everyone in a frenzy.

Do I think these rallies are a good idea? Not necessary since seeing all the backlash now, but I didn't think they were hurting anyone. If it is was somehow hurting anyone and you were offended by it, then I'm going have to give you the side eye because you looking pretty suspicious. lol
But seriously how hard is it to ignore events and discussions like this. Why does it bother people so much? Unfollow or go play your game.

I don't know about overseas and racism, but American is going through a lot on that topic. Racism is probably at it's worse over here. We got Trump wanting to ban Mexicans and build walls. We got Trump shouting "look at my African American over here" in reference to a black man at his rally like he's a fucking pet. We got blacks bleaching their skin color so they can be lighter and fare skin. We're making movies like Gods of Egypt with all white cast. We got people getting suspended for their hair. We got people getting shot, because their black and look like thugs. Heck if I go to store in one of nicer malls here, I still get followed around like I'm going steal something. The shit has hit the fan over here! Some of you have no idea how fucking racist people are now and how they seem be to crawling out their holes even more since Trump made his bid for president. So one can't help, but get a little sensitive or offended.

Now does that mean go crazy when someone puts "black hair" on a white or purple sim, no. That's being over dramatic and unfair. I haven't read any comments saying that you can't do that. If someone said that, then they were looking for a fight. None of the people I've talked to said no such thing. They just made a hashtag celebrating black sims with ethnic hair. That's all.

But maybe you're right, the sim community can't handle involving politics. I just think it's damn shame we can't have events like this without racism and ignorance. 

We can have transgender sims in Sims 4 and discuss how this is right step towards acceptance of them in the real world, but real world things involving blacks is a no no. It's attention seeking and people social warriors or whatever tho. 

As for getting involved in the real world, where? lol Ani't nothing here to get involved with. Walk down the street with a sign and get maced or arrested? The only time I've ever seen a rally here was after the riots and it did nothing. The cops are getting off one by one while people still are being shot by cops for nothing. 

But woah I got all preachy and political. My bad. Well this rally and hair thing has got people talking. Someone must be learning something. I hope you learn something from me. 

So in conclusion, I don't think you're encouraging Gitte. I just think you're making excuses for her while not giving people like Elia a chance. Not everyone is seeking attention or trolling. Not everyone is looking to start a flame war. Most of the fighting wouldn't have even happen if racist and ignorance wasn't running rampant with the whole hair discussion that kicked it off. 

Some people just really need to mind their business though, but that's my opinion. You're entitled to yours. I would like to fucking kumbaya and be done with this honestly. :)

So that's all folks. Night.

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