Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Alternative Simming- Assignment 2 Scores

Second Place
Vid with Violet Blackstone
Apocalypse Housewife 
2nd feels good to me! :)
I love this shot Vid, you dressed the set perfectly for the type of apocalypse. I love her styling and I think you followed the rules well. I like the pose too, it seems she's gone a bit crazy and all she wants to do is clean her plum house! I can't find much to fault here! Well done Vid!
I chose this as my pick this week for the zombie hand in the sink, I almost missed that but I love it!

+ 2 Neiph's Pick

Somehow I knew it would be Zombies Vid, lol. Overall, I really like the photo, housewife just wanting to do some dishes, maybe clean her kitchen, but those darn Zombies just keep coming. The detail is great, although the blood all over the place is a bit over much, especially without the amount of bodies to really back it up. The house actually looks nice, well, except for the blood, but I would have expected something that looked more dingy. Her attire, I also wouldn't consider alternative or really fitting for a Zombie Apocalypse. Her expression looks more sad that dazed and confused, especially as she seems to be fighting off Zombies or will be. The tears may be misreading the expression, so I'd reconsider them for the photo.

Overall image 9/10
Alternative Quality 5/10
Assignment 8/10
Creativity 8/10
Styling 8/10

I love love LOVE doing this pic and I'm really proud of it! :D It was time consuming, but it was worth it. <3

When I heard I had to show my model as an housewife in the Apocalypse, I immediately said in my head ZOMBIES! I couldn't bring myself to do anything else and TWD season 5 mid-season premiere was coming on the weekend it was posted, so it was destined.

I've done a Walking Dead inspired picture before, but I wasn't sure I was going mix the housewife aspect into it. Then the assignment said she had to be going about a chore normally in the pic, which made it even more difficult to merge the two. Soooooooo I decided to do something more inspired by old school zombie films. The creator of TWD is often inspired by such films and the theme fits more naturally in that type of setting, so it was only natural I would go in that direction.

I styled my model as a old school housewife. Didn't really think about an era, but I guess it 50ish? I went for the typical dainty housewife outfit and hairstyle. Colored the hair shocking red for a pop of color and sheer craziest. Then I looked at her bare hands and realized I could recolored some gloves to look like dish washing gloves! My grandmother always had gloves like that. She kind of inspired me in a way. Pff if it wasn't for those gloves, I wouldn't of had a chore. As for the bloody knife accessory, that came to me after I realize my chore would be dish washing and it seemed fitting.

Styling the extras b/w were pretty straight-forward. ;P

The setting was a bit of pain. I knew I wanted a old school kitchen, but I couldn't settle on the color scheme really. I wanted a color that wouldn't be too bright or bold for the blood I was going edit in. I went for yellow and tan colors and just winged it. The window with the zombies peering in and the living room were things I knew for a fact I wanted, so I work those in. The broken door was something I found in my pile of store content. It's so freaking cool! Then I just downloaded some dishes to better depict the dish washing theme.

The pose was a lucky pick out of my pose folder. Didn't really feel like looking for a pose, but I kind of had a feeling this pose would work. I also downloaded a ton of zombie poses and a sleeping pose. I had no choice, but to look for those.

Once I took the pic, I spent the majority of time on editing blood in. I did overdo it a bit. It would of been more if I hadn't erased some. xD I also edited in the dishes on the table and the sponge.

As for the pic in general, I like to think my model is a wife who just wants to to wash some freaking dishes in the middle of the Apocalypse. Her husband came home bitten and turned while eating dinner. She stabbed him with a knife repeatedly. Then it went downhill from there. lol I added the tears to show she had sort of lost it, but it got lost in translation. xP

The next assignment is show my model modeling Bubblegum Goth fashion. An really colorful pastel gothic look. For bonus points we can add sweets or candy. I did it really fast yesterday, because it was due today (in Australia time). I like my piccie despite the rushing though. It kind of inspired by my craving for ice cream. You'll see. :)

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