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Walking Dead: Season 5, Ep 13 "Forget" and Ep 13 "Spend"

Spoiler Alert! Season 5 Spoilers ahead! Do not pass this point if you are not caught up!

I'm warning you now! Don't read any further if you do not want to read any spoilers from these eps. Spoliers in 1, 2, 3, 4, 5.....

It's a lot easier to break this up into nice bite size pieces, so get use to that. Might be easier for you too. xD

I would of did a review last week, but I figure I should wait and combine this week with that one.

Ep 13 "Forget"
Dinner Party- Super surreal to see the gang at an actual normal party with people. It was a nice contrast from their previous lives on the outside. It was also cool to see everyone socializing and being normal. Even Michonne and Abe got flirty. Maybe it was my own imagination or the alcohol, but they seemed flirty.

Sasha freaking out- I interpreted her freak out as "I'm going to spiral out of control and end up dead soon." Yep. I said it. I see a big ol red target on her head. I hope not since we just lost a black actor and people were in a uproar about that again. I just can't see her living pass her grief and madness though.

Daryl and Aaron- Hmmmmm. Yes, hmmmm! I liked that we got to see more of Aaron's personality. I like Daryl interactions with him. Really sweet of him (and Eric) to give Daryl a new bike. I just can't help, but wonder if the writers are up to something when it comes to this unlikely friendship. Are those gay rumors about Daryl about to come true? I mean come on bumleg Eric is going be dead soon. He's barely getting any screentime and he's nothing more than Aaron's partner right now. The dude should have a target painted on his head. I don't know. It would be really weird if they did take Daryl down this road with Aaron. As I said before, leave Daryl alone!

Anyway, I would expect Daryl would feel uncomfortable and irritated by Aaron, but he's not Merle I guess. Plus considering everything who cares. I just can't help, but chuckle at what Merle might think about this outing if he was alive or if he was in Daryl's place. You know how he is or was. xD

I also love the symbolism with the horse and all. I just hated seeing yet another horse die on this show. What's with them killing off horses? :(

Carol's cookies story- Bwhahahaha! I was both disturbed and amused. Poor little boy. I was half expecting her to tell little Sam to look at the flowers. I'm really starting to love Carol!

Rick's interest in Jessie, the blonde- I want Rick to be happy, but noooooo! Not again! He almost pulled a Shane at the end of the episode. I was like WTF! I know he hasn't been with a woman in awhile, but damn! Like get a hold of yourself Rick! I'm not sure if I like where this storyline is going much. It reminds me of Shane. If he breaks up that marriage or kills the husband, than it makes him no better than Shane and that just sucks. :/ B/w what was the deal with the wall? He's losing it again.

Overall- The episode was interesting in a subtle way. Not much happened, but enough happened to keep your interest. Another good slow one. Why can't all the slow/non-action ones be like this?

Ep 13 "Spend"
Aiden (Deanna's son) and Nicholas- Ugh! Douche alert! They both admitted to abandoning their last scouting group and getting them killed, so that's lovely. I did feel sorry for Aiden despite that piece of douchness. He seemed to be turning around at least. I was just oddly sad to see him die such a horrible death. I would of at least shot the poor guy in the head to put him out of his misery. Trying to pull him off those spikes was sure dumb and impossible.

As for Nicholas, I want his head on a stick. I wished Glenn had left his butt back at the warehouse. He's scum!

Noah's death- I thought Aiden's death was the most gruesome, but Noah won that trophy hands down. That death actually had me cringing and wincing a bit. I think it was the most graphic death in the history of the show. It actually made me feel sorry for Noah. I was even starting to care about him.

Eugene- I believed in him from the get go! I'm so happy he grew a pair and proved himself worthy. It would be even more awesome if he had shot Nicholas.

Abraham and the construction crew- Was nice to see Abe being heroic and in charge.

Carol and Rick's murderous plans- Like I said, I'm not sure if I like where this story is going. Rick should stay out of Jessie and Sam's business. Carol too. I know Carol wants to help due to her own past, but does it have to go that far?! I don't care if the husband will be the villain this time. It's too close to Shane's motives and the love triangle of Season 2.

Father Gabriel- I think I want FG to die more than Nicholas! What a sniveling little asshole! The group saved his sorry ass from zombies, saved him from cannibals, brought him to a safe place, and forgave him for his past FFS! Now he wants to turn on them?! Oh boy! Someone should hang him upside down like a pinata and let the zombies tear him apart! Or maybe they should go with Carol's plan with Sam and tie him to a tree. He really got some damn nerve calling someone evil. Dirty coward! I'm glad Maggie heard his BS. I hope they do something about it and I hope everyone at Alexandria finds about his past! He might be trying to hide it by screwing over Rick & co., but it's going bite him in the ass!

Deanna- She might buy into FG's crap unfortunately. She's already annoyed with Rick's people taking over positions of power. Then when Glenn and Eugene come back without her son, she going be quite upset. Might push her over the edge. I'm sure Nicholas won't help the situation either.

Overall- It was an awesome ep full of action and some drama. I'm so pumped to see how everything plays out now.

Stuff I'm hoping to see in TWD
-What happens when Deanna finds out about her son and how she deals with it
-Nicholas dying a worse death than Aiden and Noah combined
-Father Gabriel past being brought out to the open 
-Father Gabriel being ripped to shreds by walkers
-What will happen with Rick and Jessie *sigh and rolls eyes*
-Sasha's mental state 
-What's up with the loner girl?
-Daryl gets a haircut and a bath before it too late
-Morgan. Where are you?!!!!

Stuff I'm predicting for the next ep or eps....
-Deanna will believe FG and might ask Rick's group to leave
-Nicholas lies about what happened at the warehouse
-Rick kills the husband and Jessie is horrified by Rick
-Loner girl is sneaking out to meet someone
-Sasha won't recover. She will either get herself killed, someone else killed, or both.
-Daryl won't get a haircut or a bath *sigh*
-Eric will die leaving Aaron heartbroken

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