Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Alternative Simming- Assignment 3 Scores

Third Place
Vid with Violet
Bubblegum Goth
I was craving ice cream when I did this pic. A root beer float to be specific.

Overall image 8/10
Alternative Quality 8/10
Assignment 10/10
Creativity 8/10
Styling 8/10

Nice picture here Vid. The swimsuit is a bit confusing for the picture. If there was a pool of jello or pudding or she was diving into a sundae, maybe. Her hand up in the air looks a bit awkward, like she should be holding something. The props are nice, although I think the cherries are an unneeded addition as the red is where I draw my eye first. If the hair was a dark shade of red or pink/purple that would help keep the eye on the model. The makeup is nice, though a bit light around the eyes. Overall, nice job!

Overall image 8/10
Alternative Quality 7/10
Assignment 9/10
Creativity 8/10
Styling 8/10

I love the background and all the colours you used, it looks great. I'm not a fan of that pose, it looks awkward. Styling wise her hair looks great but her outfit could have been more gothic. Not bad overall.

Overall image 8/10
Alternative Quality 6/10
Assignment 9/10
Creativity 9/10
Styling 8/10
Really loving those giant cherries, Vid. I also like the background colour scheme, I think it works really well with the colours you styled her with. I like the pattern on the swimsuit but I feel her legs are a little bare and it looks more like a swimsuit shoot. I understand that you might’ve been trying to capture the latex feel though. Not a huge fan of the pose but I like her face in this shoot, aswell as her bright makeup!
+ 2

I probably should of googled Bubble Gum goth, but I winged it. I wanted the photo to have a vintage style mixed with a ice cream theme.

I styled her hair to look like a type of sherbet. Gave her some really awesome spike shoes. Then I found myself struggling with the make-up and clothing. I wanted her to look like a bubblegum gothic pin-up, but I think I got too caught up with the bubblegum part and ice cream. -_-

All I had do for the setting was have sweet props, so I just went with the props from the Katy Perry themed Showtime I have. Ew. Then colored the background pink, because it's me and it had to be!

Overall, I may have tried too hard to do something unexpected. I'll happily take 3rd.

The next assignment Steampunk Goth!!!!  I'm Excited!!!!

P.S. I did make myself a Root Beer float after finishing this pic. It was delicious. :P

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