Thursday, March 5, 2015

Walking Dead: Season 5, Ep 12 "Remember"

Thank God!!! The beard is dead!

Spoiler Alert! Spoiler Alert! Spoiler Alert! Spoilers ahead!!!! Do not read pass this point if you have not seen this episode or any of Season 5. 
You have been warned! Spoilers ahead in 1, 2, 3, 4, 5.....

*plays sexy music*

Rick with no shirt and long hair? 
Damn him for cutting his hair too. That could of stayed. Now if only Daryl would clean up a bit. 

Ok. What else happen? *fans self* After seeing that does it matter? Ok, let me focus.

Alexandria- That place. I couldn't help, but feel unease during this episode. I feel like something is not quite right with the place. Everything too clean and perfect. Everyone is too trusting. It's just eerie. It reminds me of the Stepford Wives movie (the good one). I have so many questions. What did they do to the exiled people? Why are the douche bag scouting group there so stupid and unprepared? Why does Deanna trust Rick so much to make him and Michonne officers? Where did the gun in the blender go? What's up with the loner girl? So many questions!!!! Thanks TWD writers for officially pulling me back in.

Daryl, Carol, and those interviews- Hilarious! Daryl "I brought dinner" line with the possum was classic! Daryl and Carol interactions were too cute and just funny. Even their interviews were funny. You miss Ed, Carol? You're a people person? Are you serious? Bwhahahaha! Love love love her for her that. She obviously lying to seem harmless. It's genius! Then Daryl is just an awesome hot mess. I love him more after this ep. I need to watch his interview again, but everything he did and said was so him! I really enjoyed everyone interviews. That was something different and cool. I do wonder if the people of Alexandria are using these tapes for something. If that was me getting interview, I would lie like crazy. I don't trust Deanna or any of them. Not even Aaron. 

Rick & co. mental state in Alexandria- I love how everyone is dealing with their new surroundings differently. Like Glenn said it's almost like they been out there too long. Rick and Carl's reactions were especially were realistic.

Father Gabriel?- Where in the world was he? He like disappeared in this ep. So weird. Did they tell him not to come in and shoot that day?

Rick, the blonde, and the husband- I forget her name. She seem to be interested in Rick. Another love triangle? I hope not. After the Shane & Lori, it would seem weird for Rick to do the same thing. The husband might still be trouble though, so we'll see.

Aaron & Eric?- So wait you introduce these two and that's it. What gives TWD writers? I didn't mean tone it down to zero. You're proving the points I made in my last post so far and that's not a good thing.

Glenn- Finally! Glenn had his personality back for this episode.

Michonne- Girl! Get it together! I know she wants them to settle down in a safe place, but you gotta be more cautious!

Carl!- I thought we might have another "Carl, where are you? Get back in the house" moment like in Season 2. I was half expecting Lori to pop up.

Officer Rick is back!- Hell freaking yeah! Brought me back to season 1 Rick. Then the last line about him taking the place over was awesome!!!! I love it when Rick is sane, but brutal. 

I think I touched on everything. In a way not much happened in this ep too, but in a way it did in a subtle sort of way. This ep should of been the 2nd ep of this half the other three should of been combined. I never thought the TWD writers could make a road trip with the group so boring. Hopefully Alexandria makes up for those eps.

Stuff I'm hoping to see in TWD
-More about Alexandria and Deanna
-Rick policing the place and taking it over slowly
-A bit normalcy for the group while they figure out what's going on
-The scouting guys get killed
-What's up with the loner girl?
-Daryl gets a haircut and a bath
-Morgan. Where are you?!!!!

Stuff I'm predicting for the next ep or eps....
-Alexandria is not so perfect
-The loner girl is meeting up with someone outside the gate or is up to something
-Deanna is watching Rick & Co.
-Michonne gets too caught up with having a safe place in Alexandria

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