Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Rebel Modeling: Princess Edition- Assignment 6 Scores

I'm close to the end of this comp. I'm taking a break for real this time when all of them are over with. 

Rebel Anna from Frozen
I'm quite pleased with 2nd since I wasn't really inspired this round. 

54 points
t89pj4.jpg Beech
Creativity: 10/10
Setting/Background: 8/10
Rebel Princess: 9/10
Total: 27/30
I loved this photo. You did a really great job showing a wonderfully decorated setting and I loved the whole idea you went with. Her hopeless romanticism is kind of why I love her so much and I love that you twisted that into a girl who FINALLY gets to flaunt her stuff…hey why not? Love it!

Creativity: 10/10
Setting/Background: 8/10
Rebel Princess: 9/10
Total: 27/30
This is such a clever idea! I think it suits Anna perfectly. I like all of the guys around her, and I love Kristoff in the background! I think having her in a ski resort place is clever, but I would have liked to see a little bit more color in the background, like a rug or something, and a little bit of a stronger connection to Arendelle. I think your model and your styling is perfect, I just wish she wasn’t looking up so much!

Frozen is not my thing, but I managed to put my own spin on it and get 2nd! I had a hard time thinking up ideas for Anna. She's quirky, but I don't find her to be real memorable Maybe I'm getting old (lol), but I just couldn't get into any of the characters. I think I like the snowman and Krisoff more than anything. xD Anyway, I was drawing a blank. I didn't really think of anything till last minute. Seems to be happening like that a lot lately. I knew I had to do something creative and in-game, because editing was out of the question with the time I burned up brainstorming. So I decided to play off the one thing I did remember about Anna and do a setting based off the snow lodge/store in the movie. 

That one thing about Anna was her eagerness to find a prince. So I went for a flirty Anna with a jealous Krisoff in the back and a short hair Rapunzel gossiping about her. I based it off of how fast she fell for Hans without even knowing him and how rebel her might approach other relationships based on that.

I kept Anna's styling light for quirkinessI styled her in modernized version of her outfit and dug around for ages for the right cc hair. Downloaded the boots from Ace Creator during the hair hunting. The pose she's doing is from a pose pack I had left over from another assignment. Then I styled the guys in typical winter/snowboard clothes with kiss prints makeup on their faces and I styled Krisoff in the back similar to his character, so people would recognize him. I knew no one would pick out Rapunzel, so I wasn't too worried about that. She is a easter egg at the end of Frozen if you look closely. 

The setting was the hardest and the most daring part of this assignment for me. I wanted a ski lodge with log cabin vibe. I'm very lucky to have found those skis in the back. I agree the floor needed a rug though. Oh well. I just didn't want to do a snow setting and this was a lot easier to do with the time I had left by time I got an idea. 

The next assignment was Elsa from Frozen. *sigh* I had to add her magic powers into it too. I did it already. I had to rush to finish it, but I made it with 5 mins to spare. I still wish I had thought of something more creative for it. This might be the assignment that gets me eliminated. We'll see.

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