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Senior High Cycle 3: The Underworld Campus - A2 Scores

Assignment 2: Halloween
Hellz yes!!!!! So happy for 1st and so proud of my work!  :)

Story at the end of the post. Hope you like it.

100 points - A+
JXONLv3.png Beech
Creep Factor: 5/5
Story Creativity: 10/10
Story Cohesion: 10/10
Image/Story Cohesion: 10/10
Overall Image Appeal: 10/10
Dean's Personal Taste: 5/5
Total: 50/50
Wow! This is an amazing entry. I adore the image sooooooo much, but I also adore that story! You have a knack for writing, and Luna is just adorable and beautiful and strange! I love her! You are really knocking these assignments out of the ballpark my dear!

gnXaRvU.png Maggie
Creep Factor: 5/5
Story Creativity: 10/10
Story Cohesion: 10/10
Image/Story Cohesion: 10/10
Overall Image Appeal: 10/10
Dean's Personal Taste: 5/5
Total: 50/50
I absolutely love this story. I love how naive Luna is to her differences. I think it was very creative to have the group of kids knowing she’s a werewolf to keep asking her to ‘change’. I love that Luna got the best of them in the end, and scared those no good kids. I also love how you included the witch who saw the whole thing, in the background of your picture! I love your image and the story! Great Job Vid!

The assignment was to show my model on Halloween night and to show her partaking in an creepy event. I kind of got my idea instantly. I knew I wanted the event to be a situation where she would be forced to transform and realize her true nature.

I went into CAS and made her some equally weird classmates. I made a lizard boy, a troll girl, a pretty normal looking witch, and threw in a human to mix it up. I was originally going to do a group of mean girls, but I changed my mind. I felt like it was too expected and I did that all of last cycle. So I decided to change it up and do a group of misfits. Misfits and nerds can be bullies too sometimes. 

I dressed everyone in Halloween costumes. Dressed the troll as a princess for giggles. Dressed the lizard as a hot dog, because I thought it would be funny and his original costume matched his skin too much. Dressed the human as a pirate, because it matched his personality and he was forced to dressed up in my story. Then I dressed the witch in normal clothes, because she's too cool for Halloween. xD 

As for Luna, I dressed her as red riding hood. I had seen a horror movie where one of the stories included a werewolf and she dressed up as red riding hood for Halloween. You didn't know she was a werewolf till the end, so it was an awesome surprise when she transformed. I thought the costume together with the fact she was a werewolf was genius, so yeah I got my styling ideas from that. I wasn't sure how I would pulled the hood part off without it being over her head, but I found a cloak that was close enough. With how it's angle, you can't tell it's just a cloak.

The setting is exactly what I envisioned. I wanted to look like a secret little hideaway with a tree house in the back. I also made sure to find a spot where the sky would be visible for a full moon to be added in. I usually use Midnight Hollow or Moonlight Fall for creepy outdoor pics, but I had to go with Dragon Valley for the sky visibility. Yes I could knocked down some buildings in the other worlds to achieve that probably, but I was too lazy for all that.

Now editing was a pain in the ass. Well it actually only one thing that made the whole editing process a pain in the ass and that was the moon. If that moon wasn't so damn important for my story and picture, I would of left the stupid thing out. Getting it to look normal and blended in behind her head was hella frustrating. Lots of erasing, cutting, fading, and painting went into it. It wasn't pleasant. When I did get it done, I was relieved and extremely happy with the outcome. The rest of editing was easy after that. Added rope and a picnic basket. I forgot to put a picnic basket in when I was in-game, so that was added unnecessary work for myself. I also tried adding a hood blowing in the wind, but I couldn't figure out how to do it without it looking really stupid. I'm glad I angled it the way I did.

Posing Luna was easy. I used the in-game werewolf interaction: "Howl At The Moon". I was going use a custom pose, but the in-game one looked a lot better. I posed the extras first and paused when Luna howled in the right position. It almost brought me back to the olden days of no pose player. ;)

I do wish you could see her face more since she's is in her transformed form, but there's no rush. Will save that beautiful horrid face for another round. 

The next assignment is titled BFFs, so Luna needs a best friend and they need to be on some type of adventure. Already know who the BFF will be. Just need to think about the adventure.

Eh enough typing, here's the story.....

My first week at school was quite an adventure. I've never seen so many critters and creatures in one place. I feel almost too normal amongst some of my classmates. I've met witches, warlocks, banshees, and even some human dolls. I can't help, but stare sometimes at all of them. Hmm...maybe that's why they act so odd around me. They're awfully nice, but none of them ever stick around to chat with me. Like the other day I was at lunch and I saw a table with a lonesome elf looking creature. I decided I would join her. I gave her a nice big ol' grin as any ol' polite person would do and sat down. Well let me tell you, she got up immediately upon seeing the sight of me and told me I could have her lunch. Then she just ran away like a crazy person. It was very weird. Nice, but very strange. I had my own lunch, so I don't know why she felt it was ok to do that. All I wanted to do was talk with her and make a friend.

Then the week before Halloween came and the school was abuzz. It was quite exciting even if I wasn't apart most of the conversations. Then to my dismay I found out I would have to miss out on a lot of the activities of the very day. Halloween was on a full moon day. At the circus I wasn't permitted to go out or even leave my cage on full moon days, because something about the moon in it's full form would make me blackout. Zeek, our ringmaster was very adamant about me learning about moon calendars and lunar phases, because of that. He would tell me to seek out "the full moon days" on those calendars and make plans around those days, so the blackouts wouldn't happen. He wasn't always the nicest of fellows, but he was helpful doing those times. Even then I would still blackout in a sense, but I would wake up safe and sound with no incidents in my cage.

Now that I was at school, I wasn't sure how I would plan my life around those days, but I was determine to prove them wrong. So when I was approached by some actual classmates about my Halloween plans, I was elated and couldn't reject their kind offer. These classmates were a bit odd, but heck everyone seemed odd at this school. These three students were interesting characters though. One was a lizard boy named Lenny, one was a troll named Bam, and one was a human named Keith. Yes human, but he had a special ability. He was and is still very secretive about it, so I'm not sure what it is quite yet. Anyway, the lizard, the troll, and this human offer me to join them in trick-or-treating on Halloween. I was so eager for a friend I accepted without really thinking about the moon phase that day or what these three might be up to.

I wasn't sure how I would get out of leaving early to go home, but I decided to go since they were having a small party early in the evening that day. I was beyond excited as this would be the first time in years I would get to celebrate Halloween. The circus was very superstition about this day, so the day would be spent mostly in silence in our respectable living spaces. Zelda, the palm reader/physic often called it the devil's holiday. "Nothing good can come out of this pagan day" she would often say to me. I thought it was quite silly to think the one day we could all feel normal would be consider "no good", but the carnies all seem to believe in such things.

Despite the superstitions, I could never give up such a chance to walk amongst the humans with equally weird friends by my side. The thought felt too magical. So I made my costume. Yes, I made it myself. I wanted to be Little Red Riding Hood. I remember my mom reading me that story and how much I connected with it. I always wanted to be the pretty girl in the red hood.

I showed up at the human boy house. He opened the door wearing what looked like a pirate costume. He seemed uncomfortable in it as he tugged at his collar, but he began laughing as grew wide-eyed looking at my costume. "Little Red Riding Hood? Really? You're funny," he said to me. I was confused, but smiled and nodded politely. The troll and the lizard also seemed to find my costume amusing, but they kept quiet as I helped myself to some candy on the coffee table. The lizard appeared to be dressed as a hot dog and the troll was a princess or maybe a troll princess.

We all sat down and they began immediately asking me strange questions. I didn't understand what they were asking at the time, but I was enjoying the attention and tried my best to answer them. Most of my replies did end up being "I don't know," which was a bit embarrassing. Still they were persistent and began looking me over like I was a specimen of some sorts. They even poked me a couple times, but I laughed and they seemed disappointed by my reaction.

"So can you change now?" Lenny, the lizard boy asked me looking impatient. Keith shot him a dirty look at this moment, but looked back at me for a reply. I was puzzled and said hesitantly that I only had one change of clothes. They laughed and rolled their eyes in annoyance. Then the fun atmosphere changed to an awkward and hostile vibe I didn't like. They all seem to be impatient about something. I decided this would be the perfect time to break the news to them that I couldn't stay long and they all seem to change their tone begging me to stay. Then Bam went into what looked like a closet and came back with a rope. "Lets play a game," Keith said smiling. I wasn't sure what to think, but something about his smile made me feel unease and I found myself following them out the door in fear.

When we reached what they called their "secret hiding place", they order me to sit down near a tree and to close my eyes. I laughed trying to make light of the situation and asked them if this was a joke or some type of special Halloween game. They didn't respond. All I felt was a rope and I felt it tighten around me. It hurt a little, so I complained and I opened my eyes to see them all staring down at me. "Come on change already" Lenny whined jumping up and down. "We'll let you go if you do," Keith chimed in.

"Change to what? Let me go! This isn't funny!" I screamed feeling hot tears running down my cheek. I breathed in and out calming myself down, so I wouldn't blackout. I wasn't sure what they were up to, but I didn't want to pass out and wake up to something horrid again. So I waited and begged that they must let me go, but they insisted they would let me go when I "changed".

I had nodded off a bit when sundown came. I had spent most of the previous night making my costume, so I hadn't had much sleep. I woke up feeling a strange sensation of intense heat coursing through my body. I looked over long enough to see the three sitting around sorting candy and talking amongst themselves. My vision then went blurry and a strange growl escaped my lips. I could make out a full moon as I felt myself losing conciseness. I could hear them walking toward me. The darkness I spoke of had came, but I was oddly awake for some reason. I felt everything and remembered everything in those moments. I felt my body changing. I had felt this before. Then I felt something animalistic awaken inside me. Something strong and menacing. It was then I tore the ropes as if they were paper thin and I rose to my feet wanting nothing more, but to rip something to shreds. Then I howled. The howl sounded almost demonic. Before I knew it, I was on all fours and screams echoed throughout the night.

I don't know what happen after that. I woke up to daylight in a unfamiliar place in the woods. Their was blood on me and some blood in my mouth, but something about the taste was familiar. It tasted like an animal. A deer. That was somewhat of a relief, but then I looked down to see I was in rags and exposed. Then I heard a voice coming towards me. A girl. She smiled at me waving and threw me a hoodie she was carrying. Then she spoke words that would change my life forever.

"I told them not to do that. I told them it was a bad idea. They could of at least used silver! Dummies!", she sighed. " Well at least no one got killed. Well a deer..... Hi, my name is Tabitha. I'm a witch. I was watching the whole time. I must say seeing a werewolf transformation is quite incredible."

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