Thursday, March 12, 2015

Rebel Modeling: Princess Edition- Assignment 5 Scores

Rapunzel Trekking Out On Her Own
I can't believe I manged to do this last min. :P

Ava's Choice Photo

60.5 points
t89pj4.jpg Beech
Creativity: 10/10
Setting/Background: 10/10
Rebel Princess: 9/10
Total: 29/30
This is pretty cool Vid. I like it a lot. That van is decorated perfectly to tie in the wonderful Rapunzel – especially Pascal! I love the idea here and how she’s trekking out on her own as a sweet hippie! I have very little to complain about. Perhaps the only minor thing is that the pose is a little stiff. Otherwise, nice!

Creativity: 10/10
Setting/Background: 10/10
Rebel Princess: 9.5/10
Total: 29.5/30
I’m so in love with this! You were so creative- the traveling hippie idea really lends itself to Rapunzel and I think you did an amazing job with it. I can definitely tell it’s her! My one, itty bitty nitpicky thing is that I really wish she was looking at the camera; I’m not sure what she’s looking at there. But her styling is perfect, the van and art supplies are perfect, and I love the Pascal decal! Amazing job!

Well I had an idea for this, but I didn't really feel happy about it. I didn't have anything else though, so I started preparing for it. Then out of nowhere someone did my idea and I was left with zero ideas right near the due date. I had to get an extension just so I could think of something else and not drop.

Extensions are only 2 days, so I had to think fast. I thought about the "trekking out on her own" requirement a bit more and the freedom description. Thought about her being on a road trip of some sorts. Then it came to me. I can do a Hippie Rapunzel! Hippies are all about being rebellious, living off the grid, and being free. Plus they have a fun style I could work with and incorporate with Rapunzel's style.

I immediately went into CAS excited for once and dressed her quickly. I did have a different CC hair with a headband attached, but that hair turned out to be dodgy looking outside of CAS. I changed it to something more simpler in-game and edited afterwards to make it look slightly longer. I also gave her the sun symbol from the Tangled movie on her ankle. A lot people did that. lol She also had a cool nose piercing, but it's hard to see.

As for the setting, I had to work fast and I figure I should just keep it simple this time with a van or some type of vehicle in the back. Luckily I found a VW wagon with flowers and a peace sign, which helped a lot. I did have to recolor that with a better pattern and color scheme though. Then I used a decorated tire that came with the van and added some art clutter. The rest of the setting can be contributed to just choosing a nice spot in Lucky Palms with a cactus and a rock thrown in. I wanted the setting to overall to have a desert feel.

Not much editing, which was a relief. I edited in Pascal, from Tangled on the van as a decal. Edited in the fun slogan on the peace sign and the previous stuff I mentioned with the styling. The rest of the editing is the usual boring stuff.

The poses is a bit stiff, but it was the only pose I found that fit the whole hippie theme. Didn't think about the eye-contact, which I could of edited.

For once, I'm glad someone did my idea. So happy I got to make this fun piccie and the judges liked it! I believe this is my first 1st for this comp! :)

The next assignment is to show Anna from Frozen being rebellious. I have no ideas at all! None! I might be in the minority, but I wasn't that crazy about Frozen. Tangled either, but Frozen is really going be tough for me. -_-

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