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Senior High Cycle 3: The Underworld Campus - Assignment 1

I'm getting all the comp post out the way, so I can post something different. Anyway, yes this a new comp I'm in. I won last cycle, so I figure why not do this cycle. Plus the theme of this one was just too awesome to pass up! Meet my model Luna Wildling. She's a werewolf! This is her class photo. She had a rough night. :P

Assignment 1: Creepy Family History
 I'm happy with 4th. Not exactly the top, but close enough. :) Like last cycle, the story portion can be found at the very end of this post. 

90 points - A
Creep Factor: 5/5
Story Creativity: 9/10
Story Cohesion: 10/10
Image/Story Cohesion: 9/10
Overall Image Appeal: 8/10
Dean's Personal Taste: 4/5
Total: 45/50
Awe!! Poor Luna! She’s super adorable and I love the fact that you went with a naïve approach to her personality – it shows in the photo as well with that pose! I like this whole concept and I adore how you showed us her creep factor without coming right out and saying it – after all, Luna doesn’t even know about it really right? I liked this a lot Vid. You will surely have some fun stories ahead! I do wish the people in the background were just a bit closer so we could see a bit more of them :)

Creep Factor: 5/5
Story Creativity: 9/10
Story Cohesion: 10/10
Image/Story Cohesion: 9/10
Overall Image Appeal: 8/10
Dean's Personal Taste: 4/5
Total: 45/50
Luna is adorable and I really enjoy that fact. It gives her character a bit more diversity which makes me excited to see her growth throughout the 'school year'. I do find your story to be just a little bit repetitive in some parts, but I do understand that it is written a certain way to portray the character. I found that your image went really well with the story, and you can see each 'family' members personalities because of that. My only concern with the photo, is that for my personal taste, I would have liked to see the family a bit more close up. You could have tilted the camera making it a portrait instead. Again, just a personal taste, but I think it would be nicer to see the rest of the family close up. Overall, I really enjoyed your entry and other than more opinionated suggestions everything was pretty bang on for me!

This assignment wasn't easy for me. I was starting not to feel well and the due date was coming up fast. I'm lucky to have got it done.

The assignment was to show my werewolf student's family history.

My model she was originally going be a badass with an equally badass family, but I already did a mean girl already last cycle. I wanted to do something different. So I decided to make a quiet unassuming werewolf to change it up a bit. She's cute, but very deadly! >:D

Her origin story then changed with the attitude adjustment and makeover, but it allowed me to do something unexpected and different than the typical werewolf stories. After some thinking I came up with the idea of her "family" being the circus and how she was abandon there after something terrible happened. I also had watched the majority of American Horror Story: Freak Show and I kind used that for inspiration. 

The setting was the hardest part and the most annoying. I did learn how to build a tent in TS3, so I guess that's something. I ended building a house around the tent for better lighting though and used moveobject to move the tent walls around, but I build quite a nice tent. Well the roof was a pain and looked awful, but it was a nice tent. The setting turned out better than I thought it would. 

The extras were also a pain. I didn't want them to look too crowed and bunched together, so I move them farther into the background. Didn't realize they were so far away though once I took the pic, so I'll try not to do that next time. My mistake. >_< 

I also lost my patience with styling my model, but I went with something simple and dainty. 

Not much editing went into this. Boring lighting stuff, sharpening, and the cotton candy. That's about it.

The next assignment is show them on Halloween Night and to show them partaking in a creepy event. I have an idea. Just need to do it.

Oh here's the story in it's in entirety...

Assignment 1: Creepy Family History
Dear dean and fancy school board,

Hi!!! My name is Luna, but you already know that. Silly me. You want to know about my family right? Yeah, that's what you asked of me. I'm such a scatter brain. Anyway, my "family" isn't really my family since none of them are related to me by blood, but I guess you can call them family. They're not the nicest folk, but they did take me in. What I do mean by taking me in? Well I'll tell ya.

I use to have a Mom and a Dad. They were really wealthy, because I remember living in a big ol fancy house with servants and lots of toys. Hmmm....I can't remember much else. It's gotten all fuzzy over the years. Just like that day, all I see is blackness and lots of red when I think back to them. Yes I remember now, waking up to lots of red one day. I blacked out, but I woke up to red. I think it was blood. Yes lots of blood. Sticky and warm. I could feel it on my skin. My face. In my hair. Even in my mouth. Then I heard a lot screaming and cursing. I don't know what happened next. It all goes black again when I try to remember. I guess I fainted or I blacked out again. I do that a lot lately.

I do remember briefly seeing my mother at the tents of the circus. My home now. I remember her guiding me by the hand into the tents I would call home and telling me to wait for her. I waited and waited. She never came back. I stood there so long my feet were hurting. The inhabitants of the circus even took pity on me. They fed me and they told me the truth that night. They told me she wasn't coming back and that she had sold me. I didn't understand, but I went along with them. Even when they told me a cage would be my room from then on I didn't put up much of a fuss.

These circus people who became my "family" are freaks. Circus freaks. Our leader is Zeek. He always wears a top hat and curses like a sailor. His lover name is Zelda and she tells fortunes. I say lover, because I'm pretty sure she's not his wife and they sneak around a lot at night. Then you have Miss Tilda, the fat lady. I never understood what was so special about her, but she can eat tons of food without taking a breath. Then there's Hana, the clown. She's not very good at her job. I think she does more scaring than bringing joy. She can be creepy sometimes. Oh and I can't forget the twins. They share a body and a horrible temper. Oddest things I ever seen.

Everyone in my "family" seem to have horrible moods now that I think of it. I try to cheer them up, but all I do is make them madder. They yell at me a lot. Just the other day Zelda yelled at me for breaking one of her crystal balls. It was an accident. I swear! Miss Tilda too likes to yell at me and steal my food. I think the twins are the only ones who don't yell at me and that's probably due to them being too tired from yelling at each other. I pity them sometimes. My "family" can also act really strange around me. They almost cower in fear of me sometimes and will even avoid me. It makes me sad. Well I still blackout, so maybe that's why.

As for me, I'm not normal either. I use to not know, but I figured it out on my own. People look at me funny all the time. Plus my title at the circus is the "wolf girl". My hair and fangs earned me that name I guess. I don't think mama or daddy had these special features, so I can't figure out why on earth I'm like this. Maybe someone at the school can tell me. As for my blacking out, I think I can control it now. As long as I stay calm and don't get angry, I think I can control myself. That's what Zeek tells me anyway. My "family" still doesn't trust me much outside of my cage, so maybe I can prove them wrong. Hopefully....

Sincerely, Miss Luna Wildling of The Wildling Troupe

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