Wednesday, March 18, 2015

SIMSPIRATION CYCLE 1- Assignment 4 Scores

Vid "Love And Danger Behind the Mask" 92.5

3rd is cool even though it's only 4 of us now. >_<

Dana says…
Quality: 8/10
Creativity: 10/10
Details: 10/10
Assignment 10/10
Overall Image: 9/10
Total: 47/50
This is a great photo Vid! I really love the setting and the styling of your sims in this one! And that man is very dashing. You have so many details in this photo and it really brings it all together; the men with the guns at the door, the couples dancing… I love it! The only thing that puts me off a little is the whiteness of the background, I think it would’ve looked a bit better if the background color scheme wasn’t white but maybe brown, because then this photo is too white for its mysterious undertone. But great job!

Taylor says…
Quality: 8.5/10
Creativity: 10/10
Details: 9/10
Assignment 10/10
Overall Image: 8/10
Total: 45.5/50
Nice direction and lovely photo, Vid! I love the scene in the background of the two dancing sims up close. I feel like this was produced nicely, and feel the title fits well. I’m not a big fan of the hair the black haired model is wearing, but I think it ties in with what you were going for. Good job!

Well being that I only had music this round to inspire me I had a lot freedom with this one. If I had to say what parts in the song inspired me the most, I would say the beginning. I don't know, but it reminded of a really cool perfume ad and a secret agent. It had a classy feel to it. The music also sounded heroic with a sense of danger, so I wanted some action in there too. Plus I just love masquerade balls. xD

I personally don't like my title, so ignore it. lol It's alright, but meh.

The setting was one of the more detailed and complex settings I've done. It looked like part of a mansion after I finished. I should really try to build more in Sims.

I know the all the white background didn't go over well, but I was going for a clean crisp glamorous feel. I must admit the coloring/tenting in editing didn't turn out exactly like I wanted, so maybe that's why.

Beside boring lighting stuff, I edited in the mask and the pearls. The mask is heavily edited, because it was boring and needed something extra. The feathers, the pearls, the stick for her to hold it are the extra. That's about it.

As for the story in my head, the guy is a secret agent who's hiding at the party from the bad guys and he bumps into a beautiful lady while there. She doesn't know his name or how he even looks, but she falls in love with him at first sight. Then I was thinking maybe she's the main bad guy's wife. My imagination really got away with me with this one. :P

The next assignment is this pic: Le Cabinet de Curiosites - Sepia Morphine. Everyone got different photos. I don't mind since I like mine and no one can do my idea, because it's mine photo! I even have an good idea for it. Going work on it today.

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