Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Rebel Modeling: Princess Edition- Assignment 4 Scores

Gothic Beauty & The Beast
I'm cool with 3rd. :)

Beech's Choice Photo
51 points

Beech SAYS
Creativity: 8/10
Setting/Background: 9/10
Rebel Princess: 9/10
Total: 26/30

This is super cute, Vid! I love the spiked headpiece and that plum the best! You definitely captured a more gothic feel with the makeup and that style of dress while still maintaining the Belle element. The flower in the back and the books were all wonderful touches. I especially adore that scratch over her eye! Nicely done!

Creativity: 7/10
Setting/Background: 7/10
Rebel Princess: 9/10
Total: 23/30
The background is very fitting for the story and has a more grunge overall effect. I do like the added shadow of the  beast on the wall, but I do feel it's a little high on the wall or just perspective not 100% accurate. The styling you have her in is great! I love the leather look of the dress, and the plum crown is the perfect accessory. Not too mention who doesn't dig scars! Overall, for a portrait shot, I do feel there is far too much background showing. When I personally think of portrait I tend to think of a more cropped photo.

I kind of took a risk with this. Everyone had the rose for a prop/accessory, but I took a chance and put it in a very detailed background. Not typical for a portrait shot. I do think I got caught up with my background and should of cropped it more, but I didn't too bad score wise.

I wanted the styling to be Gothic, but I didn't want to go with the traditional look of black clothes. I decided to mix a bit of Belle's golden gown with the gothic style. I made gold into yellow and threw black in there to break it up. Gave her a spikey headband, which just looked cool and fitting. Then I gave her scars/scratches. I like to think that she got those scars from Beast.

I got carried away with the background a bit, but I got the flower in there and I added a shadow of Beast. I know the shadow not perfect, but I thought it was a fun idea and I couldn't not do it once I thought of it.

I do feel like it needed to be more cropped, but I think I did ok.

The next assignment is to do a free rebel Rapunzel. I have some ideas, but they're not coming together in my head properly. Hmmmm....*turns up thinking cap*

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