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Walking Dead: Some thoughts on the 2nd half Season 5- Episode 9, 10, & 11

Spoilers ahead! Spoiler Alert! Do not read pass this point if you have seen these episode or any of season 5!!!

I'm about to get all into some spoilers, so please leave now if you're not up to date with TWD. You have been warned. Spoilers in 1, 2, 3, 4, 5........

Zzzzz Walking Dead. *wakes up* Oh sorry. Being that nothing really has happened, I'm not going to go too deeply into the eps, but I'll mention the important stuff and my feelings about it.

The 2nd half of Season 5 has been a bit of a snorefest IMO. Like way to drag it out TWD writers! I've been bored with the whole show these last 3 episodes. While I understand the show needs to show them as worn down and grieving, I fee like barely nothing has happened and their wasting a lot time on a whole lot of nothing. Even the zombies don't seem like a threat. It just seems like the show has lost it's spark. Hopefully things pick up now that they have made to a possible safe zone.

Tyrese- I couldn't help, but facepalm when turned his back like his dumb sister and let the zombie bite him. Like really? Your in unfamiliar room and you don't check first at least? *sigh* Still his death was sort of sad because I thought as a character he was going turn around and redeem himself. I guess it's better this way. He was kind of dead weight and the TWD writers turned him into a wuss for some reason. Wasn't comic him much more badass? Anyway, I didn't think we needed a whole episode about it and Beth singing drove me nuts. Girl, your dead! Bye! Was nice to see the Governor and Bob back though. As for Noah, he's turning out to be a liability. Ty's death never would of happened if his dumbness didn't run into that house.

The worn down survivors, the barn and Sasha- This episode was boring to me. Not much happened. They're worn out, which I get. I just think this ep and that last ep should of been combined. Sasha attitude was understandable. Can this woman get a break? Geez, first her boyfriend and now her brother. I got her and Maggie's defeated attitudes. I just wish they were more interesting characters. Then the barn that didn't get blown away during the storm was too convenient.

Aaron- I liked the build up tension and mystery of Aaron. I wasn't sure if he was bad or good. I also found his friendly attitude a nice change of pace. I just wish he was a little more badass. Like he's too friendly and we already got some dead weight: Noah, Father Gabriel, the baby and Eugene. I also don't like how the writers are defining him by his sexuality. Even before he meets up with Eric, we'll given a clue about it with the applesauce bit. Can we get know him first, before we get into his love life?

Aaron and Eric- Don't care. They're probably be annoying. Like Maggie and Glenn annoying. I don't know. Maybe it's how the writers write romance in this show, but I hate romantic relationships in TWD. For example, Glenn whole identity got loss when Maggie came along. Anyway, like I said above and in a previous post, "I just hope the new character is badass and isn't defined by his sexuality. ;)". So far that appears to be the opposite for both. Meh oh well. Maybe they will win me over like Bob and Sasha. Probably not since it took Bob to be dying for me to care. lol Hopefully they serve some type of purpose in the next eps and it doesn't become an unnecessary love story. -_-

Rick- When did Rick become such a asshole? I felt like his reaction to Aaron was over the top. I know Rick is suppose to be worn down too and tired of being tricked, but damn.

The show in gerneral as I said needs more zombies and cowbell. xD Like it gotta pick up now, because I'm losing interest. Not enough is happening and it's getting stale.

I also think the cast is growing too big, so they need to thin out the heard again. Noah, Father Gabriel, and Eugene need to go in that order. I'm kind partial to Eugene, so I hope he goes last at least. I also wouldn't be sad if the new characters/couple bit it soon. They're both bland as hell. Like aw that's nice......zzzzzz. Maggie could go too and I wouldn't care. Glenn could even go. I did shriek in horror when he almost got bit last night, but I wouldn't be that upset if he went. Sasha could also take a dirt nap and I wouldn't care.

Not many characters I care about, which might be the problem with my interest in this show. Hopefully things improve. I gotta give it to TellTale Games though. Their Walking Dead game actually makes me care about every single character! The show seems to lack that. I can say with certainty the game is better than the show story wise, because of that.

Stuff I'm hoping to see in TWD
-Alexandria and it's inhabitants
-Morgan. FFS come on already!
-Noah dies
-Aaron and Eric tone it down with the romance and actually become useful
-They get rid of the baby somehow
-Rick shaving the beard off (he looks awful with that thing)

Stuff I'm predicting for the next ep or eps....
-More about the bland and blander Aaron and Eric
-Alexandria seems nice at first, but turns into Woodbury all over again

I have no idea what's next, which is a good thing. 

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