Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Rebel Modeling: Princess Edition- Assignment 2 Scores

Jasmine from Aladdin
0_o I can't believe I got 3rd.

55 points

Creativity: 9/10
Setting/Background: 9/10
Rebel Princess: 9/10
Total: 27/30
This was very well thought thought out. I loved the idea here. Jasmine definitely chose a bad boy and he doesn’t exactly look too sad for his girl being arrested. I’m not a fan of cutting models off at the ankles, but that’s my issue. I like this all for the most part, though. Great work.

Creativity: 10/10
Setting/Background: 9/10
Rebel Princess: 9/10
Total: 28/30
My favorite part of this is all the detail! Everything is so well placed, from the tattoo of Abu on Aladdin’s shoulder to the “Jafar Was Here” in the prison cell. I love the little details that help to connect it back to Jasmine. My only issue with the setting is that those papers on the floor don’t look quite right, and I think it’s cropped a bit awkwardly at her legs. I really like your Jasmine, too! I think the grunge Mickey shirt was clever, but I’m not a huge fan of her hair choice. The bandanna looks a little strange for me. Overall really good job!

I'm pretty stunned that I got 3rd with this. I wasn't happy with this pic. I know I can do better.

The assignment was to show a rebellious Jasmine (of Aladdin) who gets caught up with the wrong type of guy. My original idea was to show Jasmine and Aladdin as bank robbers, but a lot went with very similar ideas and I had to do something else (seems to be happening a lot to me lately). So my last thrown together idea was to show Aladdin in jail and show my model carted off as well.

My styling choices were not exactly what I wanted. I like the shirt, but I wasn't entirely happy with the scarf/hair. I also hated the pose, because I felt like it was stiff. I do like how I did her tattoos. Aladdin turned out pretty good though and his tattoos look great also. Doing the tattoos was kind of fun. Aha I think watching Ink Master has given me a keen eye on how tattoos should look. xD

As for the setting and my editing skills, I'm super happy with the graffiti I did. The vandalized Genie and "Jafar was here!" makes me LOL! I don't know what made me think of that. :) I got all kinds of a little hints in the graffiti. I think my only regret with my editing is those damn wanted posters. I kind of backed myself into corner with those. I had a book on the floor for just them and I couldn't leave it blank, so I had to to put something there. I should of did a better job at least. -_-

The next assignment was to show my model as a "hipster" The Little Mermaid. TBH with you I have no damn idea what it really means to be a hipster. I winged it and didn't do well with scores, which were posted today. Luckily I didn't get eliminated!

P.S. I'll post my Little Mermaid scores soonish. It just got posted today, so I'll give people time to check in first. 

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