Friday, February 6, 2015

Magnificent: Cycle One - Assignment 2 & Scores

Vid with Queen Lilith of the East High Garden
Evil Side Vs. Good Side
*click for full size*
This pic is so going on my favorite list.<3

Quality: 5/5
Appearance: 10/10
Powerfulness: 9/10
Creativity: 10/10
Requirements: 5/5

Wow! This is an awesome shot Vid! I love how creative you were with this, it makes things unique and extra great.
Amazing work! Love this.

This picture turned out better than I imagined! I went into this with no ideas what so ever and it came out like this. OMG!

My original idea for my evil queen to be looking into a mirror and the reflection of her good side looking back in dismay. I was testing things out, styling my models, and working on a setting when someone else posted the same thing! Aghhhh! So yet again I had to change my idea to something else. 

The something else turned out be absolutely nothing at the beginning. I was literally panicking, because I had no freaking clue what to do. I did have a tiny idea, but it wasn't really an fully developed idea. I thought it might actually turn out looking like crap, but I pressed forward. I re-styled my model and her good side. Then I sat there and starting building a throne room. I had Game of Thrones in mind when building it.

After builing everything, I did get kind of a idea from Game of Thrones and Alice in Wonderland. I wanted to show how her evil side corrupted the kingdom and how the kingdom would of flourished if she had been good. Then the "off with her head" line was in the back of my mind. If you look closely you can see a guy about to get beheaded in my pic. xD Even with that lovely idea though, I wasn't sure how I was going do it or how things were going turn out. 

Them I remember seeing a really cool pose with a skull, so I quickly grabbed that and tested it out with another pose. Went to bed. lol After a night of rest, put my model and her double in front of the newly build throne room back to back. Started playing with different lighting. Then I was like "this need extras" and I started just adding extras in the back.  

It just oddly came together. I think this may be the most successful thrown together picture I ever done. lol 

I'm in the Semi-finale of this comp now since it's been cut shot. Only 4 of us. I gotta "produce a powerful picture of your [my] queen casting her attack." I don't like doing magic pics really, because I suck at them. I can do fantasy, but whenever I gotta do magic or give someone a magic power it doesn't go well. *cries* This is going be hard! :(

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